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Wellderly Week – March 17-22, 2025

Wellderly Week is observed in the U.S. on the third week of March and this year it will be commemorated from March 17 to 22. We should celebrate our elders every day of the year but it’s important to designate observations that are dedicated to the well-being of senior citizens. Wellderly Week encourages community members to come together and help the elderly live their life to the fullest. During this week, the elderly are encouraged to take up hobbies or pursue a passion. The week aims to offer complete well-being to the elderly — physical, mental, emotional, and financial. Find out how you can help the elderly by participating in Wellderly Week.

History of Wellderly Week

Wellderly Week gives a new meaning to “acting your age”. The celebrations encourage seniors to pursue a passion, take up a new hobby, and do what makes them happy. It is a reminder that retirement years are an opportunity to develop interests that we were unable to pursue in our youth. Pursuing a hobby not keeps the elderly occupied but is also important for their emotional and mental well-being.

Modern senior living communities host events that involve social and physical activity. You can also sign up for courses that address the needs of the aging population and community service. Looking after the well-being of seniors does more than only benefit seniors, it also creates a society where people are sensitive to the needs of others. Experts agree that making provisions for physical well-being and financial independence also benefits seniors. You can chime in for Wellderly Week by partaking in simple activities such as accompanying seniors around you on a walk or swim. These exercises increase mobility, improve flexibility, promote heart health, and most importantly, help them build friendships. Seniors are an amazing group of people and we have much to learn from them. Through active senior lifestyles, better nutrition, and the pursuit of passion, life post-retirement can be equally fulfilling too!

Wellderly Week reminds us that age is a just number and age does not have to limit fun, growth, and vitality. If we all assume responsibility for senior well-being, we’ll reap its benefits when our time comes.

Wellderly Week timeline

First Old Age Home in the World

‘Little Sisters of the Poor’ is opened in France and is the first old age home in the world.

The First Pension System

Germany introduces state pensions for seniors 70 years and older.

The First Old Age Home in India

King Raja Ravi Verma sets up the first old age home in India.

The Older Americans Month

This is set up by President John F. Kennedy.

Wellderly Week FAQs

Who is a senior citizen?

According to the law, a senior citizen means any person who is sixty years or above. More than 20% percentage of  the population over 65 years of age in the three oldest states in the United States.

What is another name for a senior citizen?

Senior citizens are also known as golden agers, pensioners, retirees, elders, or seniors.

Why should we respect senior citizens?

We should respect senior citizens because they have much to teach us about ways of life and how to face adversities.

Wellderly Week Activities

  1. Visit a senior citizen center

    Celebrate Wellderly Week by visiting a senior citizen center. Volunteer your time and spend some hours in the company of the elderly. They make for great company and have much wisdom to share.

  2. Thank the elderly

    Why don’t you celebrate Wellderly Week by thanking the elderly in your family and around you? Thank them for their services to the community and for being steadfast guides to those around them.

  3. Donate towards this cause

    A great way to celebrate Wellderly Week is by donating to senior citizen centers. You can also donate to organizations that are involved in ensuring the well-being of senior citizens. Pick a cause of your choice.

5 Facts About The Elderly In The U.S.

  1. Elder abuse is very common

    One out of 10 elderly in the U.S. is a victim of abuse.

  2. A considerable elderly population lives in poverty

    About 10% of the elderly population in the U.S. lives in poverty.

  3. Elderly people need frequent medical care

    People over 75 years visit the doctor about three times more often than people of ages 22 to 44.

  4. Chronic illnesses are common among the elderly

    Four out of five elderly Americans suffer from a chronic illness.

  5. Most elderly people have insurance

    About 99% of Americans aged 65 and older have insurance.

Why We Love Wellderly Week

  1. It’s our duty

    Ensuring the well-being of the elderly community is our collective duty. Celebrations such as Wellderly Week help us constructively channel our resources for the benefit of seniors.

  2. We love the elderly

    The reason why Wellderly Week with so much enthusiasm is because we love the elderly. We value their contribution to society and the many ways in which they enrich our lives.

  3. Way to carry forward good deeds

    When we celebrate Wellderly Week, the youth learn to take care of the elderly and ensure that seniors can live a life of joy and dignity. It also teaches them to be proactive in senior well-being.

Wellderly Week dates

2022March 21Monday
2023March 20Monday
2024March 18Monday
2025March 17Monday
2026March 16Monday

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