Health Holidays





Jan. 12

National Pharmacist DayCareerU.S.

Jan. 13

National Gluten-Free Day HealthU.S.

Jan. 24

National Green Juice DayFood & BeverageU.S.

Feb. 1

Give Kids A Smile DayHealthU.S.

Feb. 3

National Women Physicians DayCareerU.S.

Feb. 7

National Black HIV/AIDS Awareness DayHealthU.S.

Feb. 9

National Toothache DayHealthU.S.

Apr. 27

​National Drug Take Back DayHealthU.S.

Aug. 23

Health Unit Coordinators DayCareerU.S.

Sep. 10

World Suicide Prevention DayHealthWorld

Sep. 13

National Celiac Disease Awareness DayHealthU.S.

Sep. 14

International Stuttering Awareness DayHealthU.S.

Sep. 18

National HIV/AIDS and Aging Awareness DayHealthU.S.

Sep. 18

National School Backpack Awareness DayHealthU.S.

Sep. 19

Get Ready DayHealthU.S.

Sep. 22

Falls Prevention Awareness DayHealthU.S.

Sep. 27

Sport Purple for Platelets DayHealthU.S.

Sep. 29

Family Health & Fitness Day USAHealthU.S.

Sep. 29

World Heart DayHealthWorld

Oct. 5

National Get Funky DayFunU.S.

Oct. 6

World Cerebral Palsy DayCauseWorld

Oct. 7

National Child Health DayHealthU.S.

Oct. 10

National Depression Screening DayHealthU.S.

Oct. 11

World Obesity DayHealthWorld

Oct. 13

World Hospice and Palliative Care DayHealthU.S.

Oct. 15

National Latino AIDS Awareness DayHealthU.S.

Oct. 15

National Pharmacy Technician DayCareerU.S.

Oct. 15

National Pregnancy and Infant Loss Remembrance DayFamilyU.S.

Oct. 17

International ShakeOut DayEnvironmentalWorld

Oct. 18

National Mammography DayHealthU.S.

Oct. 21

National Check Your Meds DayHealthU.S.

Oct. 29

World Psoriasis DayHealthU.S.

Nov. 1

National Brush DayHealthU.S.

Nov. 17

​World Prematurity DayHealthWorld

Nov. 17

National Hiking DayEnvironmentalU.S.

Nov. 17

National Take a Hike DayFunU.S.

Nov. 21

Great American SmokeoutHealthU.S.

Nov. 21

National Rural Health DayHealthU.S.

Nov. 23

International Survivors of Suicide DayCauseU.S., World
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