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ThuJun 13

World Softball Day – June 13, 2024

World Softball Day is celebrated each year on June 13 in cities across The United States. However, the day is not just about promoting softball, it is about promoting physical activity for good health. World Softball Day also nurtures the spirit of sportsmanship and social integration. The day inspires future generations of girls and boys to seek excellence and inspire empowerment from sports. This is a great day to go back to sports and encourage those around us, especially children, to pursue sports seriously. Softball has been a favorite among Americans and we hope it will continue to be so for many years to come.

History of World Softball Day

World Softball Day has been celebrated every year on June 13 since its inception in 2005. The day celebrates softball, a sport that is played by approximately 30 million people around the world. Many suspect that softball is an easier version of baseball, one that is primarily enjoyed by children and women — that is not true. Softball was invented so that more people could enjoy a version of baseball indoors. This misconception along with the idea that softball is any easier than baseball is the two common misunderstandings that trouble the popular game.

The softball field is usually made of dirt or brick dust. However, the field may also be made of solid and dry surfaces such as artificial turf or asphalt. There are four bases on the infield — first base, second base, third base, and home plate. The bases are arranged in a square and are usually 60 feet apart. Near the center of this square is the pitcher’s mound, and within the circle is a small flat rectangular piece of rubber that is kept no more than 50 feet from home plate, depending on the league the game is being played in. The object of the game is to score more runs than the opposing team by hitting the ball and running around the bases, touching each one in succession.

A game of softball usually has seven innings. Each inning is divided into a top half, in which the visiting team bats and tries to score runs, while the home team tries to record three outs. In the bottom half, the teams’ roles are reversed. Some leagues may even play within a time limit instead of innings.

World Softball Day timeline

The First Game of Softball

It is played in Chicago on Thanksgiving Day.

The First International Softball Game

The first game of softball outside the United States is played in Toronto, Canada.


Softball begins to be played on a fastpitch.

Its Olympic Debut

The game makes its debut at the Summer Olympics.

World Softball Day FAQs

What is the difference between softball and baseball?

A regulation softball is significantly larger than a regulation baseball. A softball measures between 11 and 12 inches in circumference and weighs between six to seven ounces — a baseball is much smaller.

Is softball more difficult than baseball?

The speed of pitches, the reaction time for hitters and fielders, and the distance of the field indicate that softball is indeed more difficult than baseball.

Why is softball called soft?

The name ‘softball’ was given to the game in 1926 because the ball used to be soft. In modern-day usage, the balls are hard.

World Softball Day Activities

  1. Play a game of softball

    The best way to celebrate World Softball Day is by playing a game of softball with your friends. Make teams with your friends and family and enjoy a game after work. It’s a great way to get some exercise too.

  2. Bring out your softball cards

    All of us have wonderful memories of collecting softball cards as children. On World Softball Day bring out your softball cards collection and show it off! You can also trade your cards with a friend.

  3. Attend a game

    Softball is a popular game in America. Games are organized on World Softball Day and you can attend one nearest to you. Cheer your favorite team and enjoy the festivities of the day.

5 Fun Facts About Softball

  1. Originally an indoor sport

    It was meant to be played indoors during winters.

  2. It used to have a different name

    The game was initially known as kitten ball.

  3. The first Olympic softball game win

    The first game was won by team U.S. and the winning home run was hit by Dot Richardson.

  4. It was an Olympic hit

    Every softball game at the 1996 Olympics was sold out.

  5. America’s number one team sport

    More than 40 million Americans play it.

Why We Love World Softball Day

  1. It inculcates a spirit of sportsmanship

    World Softball Day is not just about softball. The day inculcates the spirit of sportsmanship among players. It teaches them to be empathetic, and kind and builds leadership skills.

  2. It encourages physical activity

    World Softball Day also encourages physical activity and exercise. In our busy schedules, we forget to make time for sports and exercise. This day reminds us of the importance of looking after one’s physical health.

  3. It’s America’s favorite sport

    Softball is one of America’s most popular and beloved sports. It is played by people of all ages. World Softball Day is also a celebration of a common thread that binds together all Americans.

World Softball Day dates

2024June 13Thursday
2025June 13Friday
2026June 13Saturday
2027June 13Sunday
2028June 13Tuesday

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