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ThuJun 13

National Chamoy Day – June 13, 2024

National Chamoy Day is celebrated every year on June 13 to honor this delicious versatile condiment that the world raves over. Chamoy is a saucy condiment made of dried chilies, lime juice, and fruit — usually mango, apricot, or plum. You might have seen it drizzled on top of some refreshing fruit, over nachos, mixed into cocktails, and even served as a dipping sauce for meat. Overall, it’s a condiment that goes well with several other foods. What’s amazing is that chamoy itself comes in different forms with a range of popular chamoy sauces in markets. National Chamoy Day is a great opportunity to learn more about this incomparable condiment and for you to start incorporating it into your meals!

History of National Chamoy Day

Although chamoy is a popular Mexican condiment, it surprisingly originates from Asia. It is possible that chamoy came from the Japanese food, umeboshi, which is a type of pickled ume fruit, such as a plum or an apricot. Chamoy may have also developed from crack seed, also called ‘see mui,’ which is a Cantonese word describing a salted and dried apricot snack found in China. The Asian influence is due to migration. Because people have been migrating to Mexico from Asia since the 1590s, chamoy has evolved and developed into the staple spice blend and sauce many Mexican food lovers know today.

No one knows exactly when chamoy first appeared, but according to historians, it is likely that it arrived between the 16th and 19th centuries. Many Asian ingredients arrived in Mexico during this time, including tamarind, mango, and ‘see mui.’ It’s unclear when Mexicans started eating chamoy, but it was probably a slow process.

Chamoy is considered to be junk food in Mexico, more likely found as street food than in a fine- dining restaurant. In recent years, chamoy has been reinvented as a hot sauce and is often used by street food vendors in both Mexico and the United States.

Chamoy is sold in bottles as a sauce and is sometimes found in powdered form like a spice mix. It can also be found in paste form, but it’s not as common. Sometimes chamoy paste is called ‘apple paste’ since it’s a popular spice to coat apples with. Apples are often rolled in chamoy paste and served whole as a traditional snack in Mexico, almost like a candy apple. In fact, Chamoy is used to flavor various vegetables and fresh fruits; it is often drizzled over mango, pineapple, jicama, watermelon, and avocado.

National Chamoy Day timeline

The Aztec Empire

The thriving Aztec Empire uses — among other things — Mayan food staples, which were believed to be where Mexican food is derived from, in their cooking.

Spain Invades Mexico

The Spanish arrive in Mexico, introducing new livestock, dairy products, garlic, wheat, herbs, and spices.

Asia to Mexico

Asians begin migrating to Mexico, bringing their food with them.

United States’ Annexation of Mexico

The United States annexes Mexican territories, marking the initial integration of Mexican dishes into American culture.

National Chamoy Day FAQs

Is chamoy the same as Tajín?

Tajín is a popular Mexican condiment and often gets confused with chamoy, but there are some differences. One main difference is that Tajín is a brand name while chamoy is a food. Another distinguishing factor is that chamoy usually comes in the form of a sauce or a paste, while the product Tajín is best known as a seasoning that combines lime, salt, and chili powder.

Can you have chamoy on keto?

Chamoy is low in net carbs, vegan, and may seem like an attractive food if you’re on a special diet. However, it is advised that it should be avoided on keto as it contains sodium benzoate.

Is chamoy healthy?

Chamoy is not specifically considered to be a healthy food item. Instead, it is considered to be junk food in Mexico. Most commercially produced chamoy is full of high-fructose corn syrup and preservatives, and they do not typically contain real fruit but citric acid to achieve the tart flavor.

National Chamoy Day Activities

  1. Try out chamoy

    Look for chamoy and chamoy products in the Mexican food aisle of any major grocery store, especially if it is in an area with a large Latino population. It can also be bought online or at Latino markets.

  2. Make some chamoy

    Take a fruit like apricot, plum, or mango and have it either brined or salt-cured. Once all the moisture is leached from the fruit, separate the solids from the liquid. Use the liquid to make the base of chamoy. Add chili powder and lime to this mixture to create your own homemade chamoy sauce!

  3. Treat your friends

    Call your friends over and treat them to an authentic Mexican fiesta! Chamoy is easy to incorporate into a variety of foods, whether it’s in a bloody mary for the kick, drizzled over the starter, or as a dipping sauce for the main course. The party is sure to love it!

5 Facts About Mexican Food That Will Blow Your Mind

  1. Exotic Mexican food

    Exotic Mexican food from some parts of the country includes tacos made up of grasshoppers, worms, and even caterpillars.

  2. Sweet and spicy

    In addition to their sweetness, Mexican desserts tend to include chilies to give them a kick.

  3. Americans love tacos

    Americans eat around 4.5 billion tacos every year.

  4. Caesar salad was invented in Mexico

    The popular dish known as caesar salad was invented in 1924 when Caesar Cardini opened a restaurant named after himself in Tijuana, Mexico at a time when his kitchen was running low on supplies.

  5. Mexican cuisine and cultural heritage

    In 2010, Mexican cuisine was added to the UNESCO List of Intangible Cultural Heritage, making it one of eight cuisines on the list the United Nations is committed to protecting and preserving.

Why We Love National Chamoy Day

  1. It’s versatile

    Chamoy is used to bring a sweet and spicy flavor to savory dishes and is often put on nachos, tacos, roasted vegetables, steak, and chili. It is also used in desserts like chamoyada, which features shaved ice or sorbet with chunks of fruit and chamoy sauce.

  2. It tastes great

    Simply put, chamoy is as popular as it is today because it tastes divine. You can even alter the recipe to make it as sweet or as spicy as you want. You can even add your favorite fruit to it!

  3. It’s easily available

    Chamoy can be easily found in its various forms online or in major grocery stores in the Latin American or Mexican food sections. Even if you can’t find it at your local store, you can make this simple sauce yourself!

National Chamoy Day dates

2024June 13Thursday
2025June 13Friday
2026June 13Saturday
2027June 13Sunday
2028June 13Tuesday

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