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National Hermit Week – June 13-20, 2024

National Hermit Week is held every year from June 13 to 20 to celebrate being by yourself and finding the joy in being alone. People are great. Partying is great. So is going out and socializing. Just great. But it’s difficult to make time for ourselves in today’s fast-paced world. We’re constantly bombarded by external stimuli whether it’s in the online or the offline world.

Unwind this National Hermit Week by prioritizing yourself and doing literally whatever you want to do. It’s time to get away from the hustle and bustle of it all by recharging your batteries and engaging in some much-needed “me-time.”

History of National Hermit Week

National Hermit Week was founded by Dr. Eleece Jel, who is a former corporate educator and academic turned spiritually-minded contemplative and educator to those seeking enlightenment. The week has been celebrated every year since 1996. It was established to provide a fun way to promote activities that are best pursued alone and quietly like resting, reading, painting, praying, writing, thinking, appreciating, creating, e.t.c. It encourages all people everywhere to take some time away from the normal hustle and bustle of their lives.

The founder, Dr. Jel, has said that in some ways, she launched the hermit holiday as a way to find some important alone time for over-exposed introverts like herself. As it evolved, she became increasingly concerned with helping out others in developing their permitting capabilities so that their lives too could be improved with more effective permitting. She encourages people to question why they think the way they do, what influenced them growing up, what the meaning of life is, and what they’re going to do about it. To think in these ways, people need to get quiet, spend some time alone and also have the motivation to do so. And so, National Hermit Week was born and the hermitage movement lives on!

What started in the early years as a funny way of bringing attention to the pros of spending time alone in today’s chaotic world transformed into something much bigger with unexpected sociological and spiritual implications. Dr. Jel says she keeps the holiday going to encourage people in their hermit quest to instill a sense of fun in a journey that can be “profoundly life-altering”.

National Hermit Week timeline

400 A.D.
The First Hermit

Paul of Thebes in Egypt is the first recorded Christian hermit after spending his life in the desert from the age of 16 until he was 113.

Before There Were Gnomes

Royalty and aristocrats hire “Garden Hermits” who are encouraged to dress like druids and provide advice, consultations, and entertainment.

“Jane Eyre” is Published

Charlotte Bronte’s novel “Jane Eyre” is published, where the protagonist starts as a lonely child but comes to embrace the comforts of solitude.

National Hermit Week is Born

Dr. Eleece Jel establishes the National Hermit Week to promote activities best pursued alone.

National Hermit Week FAQs

What is a hermit?

A hermit is anyone who keeps to themselves and who doesn’t like to leave their house or see people.

Is it healthy to be a hermit?

We often think being alone must be a horrible uncomfortable thing. But emerging studies suggest that there are some potential benefits to being alone. This includes boosting creativity, improving mental health, and even developing leadership skills.

Why do people become hermits?

Some possible reasons include a personal philosophy that rejects consumer society, a religious outlook or belief which involves becoming a hermit, a survivalist who may be practicing self-sufficiency, a criminal hiding away from the authorities to avoid detection, or just someone who can’t tolerate society anymore. It can also be because of certain psychological reasons and mental disorders.

National Hermit Week Activities

  1. Go out by yourself

    Do all the things you’ve always wanted to do but didn’t because you could never find someone to do them with. Take a vacation, have a solo dinner date, go hiking, plan a day trip or just spend the whole day wandering around the city and taking in the sights.

  2. Stay in

    Spend the week staying in and having some quality me-time. Read a book, listen to music, cook your favorite meal, have a movie marathon, play your favorite video game, sleep for 12 hours, or indulge in an eight-step skincare routine completely guilt-free!

  3. Try new things

    Sign up for that pottery class or watch a dozen crocheting videos so you can have that homemade blanket you’ve always wanted. Use this as an opportunity to return to the hobbies you don’t have time for anymore or for acquiring a new hobby!

5 Facts About Hermits That Will Blow Your Mind

  1. A hermitess

    A female hermit is called a hermitess — yes, creative, we know.

  2. Being alone makes you more creative

    Studies have shown that solitude can boost creativity and productivity, as you can see and process things clearer as a result of a less cluttered mind and quieter emotions.

  3. Being alone can be satisfying

    Solitude can help you realize that life satisfaction doesn’t just come from other people or what you do, instead, it comes from within you and being at peace with yourself.

  4. ‘Hermit’ quite literally means solitude

    The word derives from the Greek word 'Erėmos,' which means ‘solitary.’

  5. Solitude is not loneliness

    Solitude can be voluntary and peaceful, while loneliness is upsetting and painful with none of us voluntarily choosing it.

Why We Love National Hermit Week

  1. You’re great

    Other people have had the pleasure of enjoying your own company for years. It’s time to enjoy your own company this week by paying attention to no one and nothing else but you! You know what they say, treat yourself.

  2. It gives you time to focus on yourself

    You’ll have a lot more time to focus on your interests and hobbies when you’re not rushing to get somewhere else. Learn how to sew, get started on that woodwork project or just laze around the house all day.

  3. It’s okay to not be productive sometimes

    It’s good to take some time off from our busy lifestyles and just focus on feeling happier. We often think that we’re doing something wrong if we’re not working a set amount of hours every day or if we have too much downtime. But there’s nothing wrong with being unproductive every once in a while and just de-stressing.

National Hermit Week dates

2024June 13Thursday
2025June 13Friday
2026June 13Saturday
2027June 13Sunday
2028June 13Tuesday

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