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SatJun 8

World Gin Day – June 8, 2024

World Gin Day is celebrated on the second Saturday of June every year, and it will fall on this year. World Gin Day was created to celebrate the spirit the day is named after. The day was initially founded by Birmingham resident Neil Houston in 2009. World Gin Day traveled to London in 2010, under the purview of Emma Stokes. Stokes later took charge of the holiday from Houston in 2013. World Gin Day exists today to invite people to express their love for gin. It also functions as a gateway for people looking to try the spirit.

History of World Gin Day

Gin is a distilled juniper-flavored alcohol enjoyed widely across the globe. The spirit was initially treated as a medicinal liquor and was made by European monks and alchemists in the process of creating aqua vita. The oldest record of gin goes back to juniper-surrounded Benedictine monasteries in southern Italy. Juniper was an essential part of doctors’ kits during the period. Doctors during the Bubonic Plague, for example, used to stuff the beaks of their plague masks with juniper to protect themselves from the Black Death. The earliest known written record of ‘jenever’ — traditional Dutch gin — was from the 13th-century encyclopedia “Der Naturen Bloeme.”

By the mid-17th century, Dutch and Flemish distilleries began selling gin as a treatment for kidney problems, lumbago, stomach ailments, gout, and gallstones. Gin was soon viewed as a substitute for brandy in England by the late 1600s. The liquor began increasing in popularity and by the 1720s, an estimated quarter of households in London were producing their own gin. This period came to be known as ‘the Gin Craze,’ wherein the British Parliament tried to pass a series of laws trying to curtail the mass consumption of gin.

Today, gin has seen a resurgence due to a rise in the popularity of mixology. Gin — usually containing a minimum of 40% alcohol — is easy to blend into cocktails. Popular alcoholic beverages include gin and tonic and martinis.

World Gin Day timeline

13th Century
‘Jenever’ is Mentioned

‘Jenever’ is mentioned for the first time.

16th Century
The First Junever Recipe

The first known recipe of ‘jenever’ is penned.

Mid-17th Century
Gin is Sold as Medicine

Dutch and Flemish distilleries sell gin as medicine.

The Gin Craze

Over a quarter of London’s households distill their gin.

World Gin Day FAQs

Where did gin and tonic originate?

Gin and tonic originated in colonial India.

What country is famous for gin?

The Philippines is famous for its widely-consumed gin.

What is the most popular gin?

Tanqueray London Dry Gin is the most popular brand of gin.

World Gin Day Activities

  1. Read about gin’s history

    Gin has a fascinating history. Spend a bit of the day reading up on it.

  2. Drink some delightful gin cocktails

    Provided you’re of legal drinking age, go out to try some gin cocktails. You won’t be disappointed.

  3. Have a gin party with friends

    If you’d rather stay at home, call your friends over for a gin cocktail potluck. Everyone can bring their favorite gin, and you can whip up some unique cocktails together.

5 Interesting Facts About Alcohol

  1. A depressant

    Alcohol is a depressant as it slows down brain activity.

  2. Neurotransmission

    Alcohol consumption leads to the consumption of ‘dopamine’ — a neurotransmitter that leads to feelings of pleasure and satisfaction.

  3. Processing alcohol

    Alcohol is processed in the liver.

  4. The oldest cocktail

    The oldest cocktail in the world is believed to be Sazerac, which was invented in New Orleans in 1838.

  5. Piña Colada

    The Piña Colada is Puerto Rico’s national drink.

Why We Love World Gin Day

  1. It comes with a fascinating history

    Gin has a fascinating history. World Gin Day is a perfect excuse to read up on it.

  2. It’s an excuse to try gin

    For everyone interested, World Gin Day is the perfect opportunity to try the juniper-flavored spirit. You won’t look back.

  3. It’s an opportunity to drink delightful cocktails

    Gin is a popular spirit to use in cocktails. This day is a perfect excuse to try your hand at mixing and drinking some.

World Gin Day dates

2022June 11Saturday
2023June 10Saturday
2024June 8Saturday
2025June 14Saturday
2026June 13Saturday

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