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National Weed Your Garden Day
FriJun 13

National Weed Your Garden Day – June 13, 2025

Every year, June 13 is observed as National Weed Your Garden Day. Every good gardener knows that weeding is as essential to gardening as watering the plants or enriching the soil with fertilizers. Weeds grow very fast and if you are inattentive, they might even deprive other plants of nutrition and space. We recommend weeding regularly since it can become overwhelming if the garden is left unattended for long periods. You can also keep weed growth in check by using weed-free soil and not letting weeds go to seed.

History of National Weed Your Garden Day

Gardening is a fun, relaxing hobby for many of us. While some prefer flower gardens, others might enjoy tending to a kitchen garden. Gardens are not just a ready source of herbs, fruits, vegetables, and flowers, but spending time with plants can also uplift your mood. Those who enjoy gardening are also better equipped to deal with stress and other negative emotions. While weeding is one of the more taxing aspects of gardening, it’s essential to remove weeds regularly to ensure that your plants stay healthy. Weeding can be done by hand or mechanically with a mower. Some of the most common weeds that you will spot in the garden are dandelions, clovers, groundsels, and common daisies.

Gardening is not just a hobby but also an expression of creativity and cultural pride. Many famous gardens are a display of nature and art, and may even symbolize social status or national pride. Almost all cultures from time immemorial have planned and invested in private and public gardens. From emperors to city planners, patrons have always encouraged building grand gardens to beautify the city. In fact, some gardens have been constructed so wonderfully that they have been elevated to the status of heritage sites and must-visit tourist destinations. It is also not uncommon to find pools, temples, and mausoleums in gardens dating back centuries. Modern gardens often have gazebos, nurseries, and benches on the premises. Sometimes a garden may also double up as a venue for weddings and parties.

National Weed Your Garden Day timeline

6th Century B.C.
Hanging Gardens

Nebuchadnezzar II constructs the Hanging Gardens in Babylonia as a gift to his wife.

16th Century
First Public Gardens

The first public gardens are built by the Spanish Crown in Europe and the Americas.

Lawn Mower

Edward Beard Budding invents the lawnmower in England.

Monet’s Painting

Claude Monet paints “The Artist’s Garden At Giverny” in 1900.

National Weed Your Garden Day FAQs

When is National Weed Your Garden Day?

National Weed Your Garden Day is celebrated on June 13. 

How can I weed my garden?

You can either physically pull out the weeds or use a lawnmower. 

What are some of the common weeds in a garden?

Clover, dandelion, and daisies are some of the most common weeds in a garden.

National Weed Your Garden Day Activities

  1. Commit yourself to weeding

    Commit yourself to weeding regularly on National Weed Your Garden Day. Experts recommend that you remove weeds from your garden at least once a month.

  2. Team up with a friend

    If weeding overwhelms you, team up with a friend to make the job easier and quicker. You can help each other in beautifying your gardens.

  3. Treat yourself

    Pulling out weeds can be a tough job. Once you are done with the work, treat yourself to a cold drink while you enjoy your fresh, weed-free garden.

5 Facts About Gardens That Will Blow Your Mind

  1. The biggest garden in the world is in Dubai

    Dubai Miracle Garden is spread over an area of 28 square miles and has over 60 million flowers.

  2. Butterflies love weeds

    Butterflies love common weeds like dandelions, clovers, and daisies.

  3. Tulips were very expensive

    During the 1600s, tulips were so valuable that their bulbs were worth more than gold in Holland.

  4. Many fruits belong to the rose family

    Common fruits like apples, peaches, cherries, and pears actually belong to the rose family.

  5. The hydrangea’s color depends on the soil

    The pH levels of the soil determine the color of hydrangeas — alkaline soil makes pink flowers, while acidic soil makes blue flowers.

Why We Love National Weed Your Garden Day

  1. More time in the garden

    Since this is the day to pull out the weeds from your garden, you can spend some extra hours in the company of your favorite plants and shrubs.

  2. A day for landscaping

    Weeding your garden means instant landscaping. The simple act of removing weeds can give your garden a whole new look in a matter of hours.

  3. A day to volunteer

    National Weed Your Garden Day is also a day of community service. Offer to help out a friend or volunteer your time at the community garden.

National Weed Your Garden Day dates

2025June 13Friday
2026June 13Saturday
2027June 13Sunday
2028June 13Tuesday
2029June 13Wednesday

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