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FriJun 13

International Axe Throwing Day – June 13, 2025

It’s time for International Ax-Throwing Day, which is celebrated yearly on June 13. It encourages ax throwers, both professional and amateur, from all around the world to gather to celebrate and promote the urban sport. The day aims to inspire sporty people to participate in a unique and enjoyable pastime, reduce tension, and simply have a good time with their friends and family members. Ax-throwing clubs all across the world will be opening their doors to anyone interested in trying out the sport for free.

History of International Axe Throwing Day

After years of being used to chop down trees and fight in combat, the common ax has been transformed into the centerpiece of a fun-filled pastime that does not entail destroying forests or getting into scrapes with other participants. Ax-throwing is indeed a sport in which the objective is to strike a target with nothing but an ax, as the name implies. Like with darts, the participant aims for the bullseye on a huge target.

Ax-throwing is thought to have begun with loggers, often known as lumberjacks nowadays, during the 19th century. The sport has recently become a global craze. It is particularly popular in the United States and Canada, where it started as a competition in lumberjack contests. However, in recent years, it has become quite popular throughout Europe, making it easier for those who want to find a place to throw their axes without having to travel far.

When ax-throwing becomes competitive, various restrictions must be followed, such as the target always being a specific width and comprising five rings. In a similar vein to archery, the closer you get to the center, the more points you will earn. The importance of safety in ax throwing competitions cannot be overstated. There are usually stringent safety precautions in place to protect both the competitors and any spectators who may be present. Consequently, you can be confident that you will have a great and safe experience when you participate.

International Axe Throwing Day timeline

400 — 500 A.D.
Thrown Ax

The first ax is thrown between 400 and 500 A.D.

Loggers and Lumberjacks

Loggers and lumberjacks become popular jobs.

Lumberjack Competitions

Lumberjack competition begins as a sport.

World Axe Throwing League

The World AxeThrowing League is created by officials from Canada, the United States of America, Brazil, and the Republic of Ireland, among other countries.

International Axe Throwing Day FAQs

Who invented ax throwing?

Ax throwing has been around since prehistoric times. The Germanic peoples developed it into a weapon in the early Middle Ages.

Where were the first ax throwing tournaments?

Ax throwing tournaments were held for the first time by frontiersmen in North America, according to local folklore. Although there have been accounts of ax-throwing tournaments among the Celtic tribes, this has not been confirmed. Ax throwing is still a popular sport in many lumberjack sporting events, even though it has been around for decades.

Is there a certain type of wood used for ax throwing?

The majority of ax-throwing entertainment companies like to utilize a sort of wood that will endure as long as possible while remaining easy to attach to the target. Pine is usually a good choice because it is inexpensive and one of the most readily available wood species.

International Axe Throwing Day Activities

  1. Visit an ax-throwing club

    Participate in the events by visiting an ax-throwing club in your area. The best part is that you can do it for free at any of the participating sites. Being with friends and family is usually more enjoyable than being by yourself, so feel free to invite them to participate or watch the game from the sidelines.

  2. Sign up for lessons

    Take an ax-throwing lesson from an expert to mark International Ax Throwing Day. Tossing an ax against a target requires quite a bit of skill. You will need more than beginner's luck to hit the bullseye, and learning the sport from an expert may be a lot of fun.

  3. Host an ax-throwing party

    It is also possible to throw an ax-throwing party with your buddies, but the event should not include an actual ax if alcohol is present. Instead, a replica can be an alternative so that it won't hurt anyone if it hits someone instead of the tree or the bullseye. It makes ax throwing a safe activity for the whole family.

5 Interesting Facts About Ax-Throwing

  1. Special events

    Many ax-throwing facilities can hold special events, such as bachelor and bachelorette parties, team-building functions, or birthdays.

  2. Ax-throwing leagues

    Ax-throwing leagues typically last eight weeks and are offered by most venues that provide the service.

  3. The World Ax-Throwing League

    The World Ax-Throwing League has established a set of standard norms and guidelines, for example, target size, point system, and throwing distance.

  4. Commercialization of ax-throwing

    As the world's largest ax-throwing club, Bad Axe Throwing is recognized for popularizing the sport and mainstreaming ax throwing.

  5. For professionals and amateurs

    Competitors and non-competitors alike can enjoy ax throwing as a sport or as a social activity.

Why We Love International Axe Throwing Day

  1. It encourages research

    Because it is a unique and enjoyable sport, it can encourage people to learn more about ax throwing. You may have some online research on an ax throwing activity, such as finding out the best ax throwers in history.

  2. Different techniques in ax throwing

    Ax throwing is an interesting skill to learn, and there is no one correct way to do it. Many people are surprised by the fact that there are different techniques to it.

  3. Everyone can participate

    The day is beneficial not only for athletes but also for anyone interested in experiencing the uniqueness and excitement of ax throwing. The benefits include encouraging everyone to engage in a distinct, fun pastime, relieving stress, and having a good time.

International Axe Throwing Day dates

2025June 13Friday
2026June 13Saturday
2027June 13Sunday
2028June 13Tuesday
2029June 13Wednesday

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