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Vascular Birthmarks Awareness Day – May 15, 2024

Vascular Birthmarks Awareness Day is observed annually across the world on May 15. It is not uncommon to have encountered someone who has a birthmark, and perhaps you have one too. Vascular Birthmark Day is a day dedicated to supporting, educating, and celebrating those who have birthmarks. It also helps others understand why we have birthmarks. Given the prevalence of bullying based on birthmarks, awareness campaigns play a significant role in the celebrations. If you have a birthmark or know someone who has one, then you may be interested in finding out what Vascular Birthmarks Awareness Day is all about.

History of Vascular Birthmarks Awareness Day

Birthmarks are incredibly common. If you have a birthmark, you are one among nearly half of all babies born with a Stork Bite birthmark. It is merely a discoloration that feels the same as any other patch of skin on the body. Strawberry marks are another common vascular birthmark, usually seen in young children. It forms during the first weeks of birth and is fully developed by the time the child reaches the age of 10. You may be familiar with the port-wine stains, another common type of vascular birthmark, which is caused by nerves that are absent or insufficiently numerous in a group of blood vessels.

Hemangiomas, on the other hand, are the most typical vascular birthmark. It is a kind of benign growth that appears in newborns. Hemangiomas are localized growths of blood vessel cells that are more frequently seen in young girls. It typically appears within a few days or weeks of an infant’s life as a small red scratch or tiny bump. Hemangiomas grow quickly at this initial stage, known as the proliferative phase. This phase usually lasts six months to a year. Vascular birthmarks cannot be inherited.

The most important thing to know about vascular birthmarks is that almost all of them are completely harmless. Birthmarks can be attractive and distinctive, yet other people may view them as a flaw in their appearance. Vascular Birthmarks Awareness Day is observed to increase understanding of birthmarks and overcome prejudice and stigma associated with them.

Vascular Birthmarks Awareness Day timeline

400 B.C.

Hippocrates writes about ailments that primarily affect children.

200 A.D.

E.N.T. illnesses of children are identified by Galan.

990 A.D.

Avicenna writes about convulsions, meningitis, and tetanus in children.

American Pediatric Society and American Academy of Pediatrics

Pediatrics is studied as a separate branch of medical science for the first time.

Vascular Birthmarks Awareness Day FAQs

What does vascular birthmark mean?

A vascular birthmark is a discoloration of the skin that is caused by blood vessels that don’t form correctly. They are present at birth or appear shortly after birth.

Do vascular birthmarks go away?

A common vascular birthmark, Hemangiomas, becomes visible within the first few weeks or months of life and continues to grow rapidly for about six to nine months. Then, they gradually lose their red color and also shrink.

Can vascular birthmarks be cancerous?

Vascular malformations are benign (non-cancerous) lesions. These lesions are present at birth and grow with the child.

How to Observe Vascular Birthmarks Awareness Day

  1. Show off your birthmark

    Show off your birthmark on Vascular Birthmarks Awareness Day. Share a picture of it online and brag about it to your friends. Encourage your friends who have birthmarks to follow suit.

  2. Stand up to bullies

    Do you know a child who is the target of bullying because of a birthmark? On Vascular Birthmarks Awareness Day, stand up to bullies by letting them know that making fun of someone’s appearance is not cool.

  3. Spread the word

    Use your social media platforms to promote Vascular Birthmarks Awareness Day. This might be especially helpful for new parents who may not be very familiar with their child's birthmark.

5 Interesting Facts About Birthmarks

  1. Birthmarks are common

    Nearly 10% of babies are born with birthmarks.

  2. Port-wine birthmarks are the rarest

    The chance of them occurring is a mere 0.3%.

  3. Some birthmarks are hereditary

    They are neurofibromatosis type one, Sturge-Weber syndrome, and Klippel-Trenaunay syndrome.

  4. Some birthmarks may be cancerous

    Children born with congenital moles are at an increased risk of developing skin cancer when they’re older.

  5. Birthmarks may be removed

    Birthmarks can be removed with medication, laser, and surgery.

Why Vascular Birthmarks Awareness Day is Important

  1. It promotes a better quality of life

    Vascular Birthmarks Awareness Day ensures that those with birthmarks can enjoy the same quality of life as their peers. By raising awareness about vascular birthmarks, the day hopes to prevent bullying and taunting.

  2. So many of us have birthmarks

    Vascular Birthmarks Awareness Day is a celebration of one out of 10 babies who are born with a birthmark. This means nearly half the population has had a birthmark at some point in their lives!

  3. It dispels misinformation

    The great thing about celebrations such as Vascular Birthmarks Awareness Day is that they dispel any misunderstandings that one might have about harmless marks on our body. This prevents stigma and discrimination.

Vascular Birthmarks Awareness Day dates

2024May 15Wednesday
2025May 15Thursday
2026May 15Friday
2027May 15Saturday
2028May 15Monday

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