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ThuMay 15

Bring Flowers To Someone Day – May 15, 2025

Bring Flowers to Someone Day is held annually on May 15. The gift of flowers is a universal way of showing love, appreciation, sympathy, or thanks. Today is the perfect day to explore the history of giving flowers and the meanings behind them. You won’t need a reason to give flowers to someone — any or no reason will do! Everyone is encouraged to spread joy through beautiful blooms. Buy an arrangement from a florist or pick blooms from your garden. You must hand over the flowers yourself. It adds a personal touch to a thoughtful gift.

History of Bring Flowers To Someone Day

The language of flowers is called Floriography. Every flower is thought to have its special meaning, which can change due to its color or variety. Lady Mary Wortley, a feminist poet married to the British Ambassador of Turkey, wrote about this and other fascinating customs of the people of Turkey in a series of letters. ‘Selem’ was a tradition that originated in Turkish harems. It was a secret flower language used for communication by harem women and decoded by attaching rhyming words to certain flowers and other objects.

This form of communication became a big hit in the conservative Victorian era, which lasted from 1837 to 1901. In response to the rigid social constructs of the time that valued chastity, many courtships consisted of secret affairs and flirtations. Couples embraced this creative and secretive way of communicating, as it was forbidden to openly talk about such daring pursuits.

The craze soon traveled across the seas and between 1827 and 1923 there were numerous flower dictionaries published in the U.S. Magazines like “The Atlantic” regularly wrote about flower codes. Then came World War I. Producing food and munitions instead of flowers became the focus and the fad died out.

Nevertheless, the practice has still taken root. Today, we continue to associate meanings with certain flowers. Red roses mean love. Chrysanthemums mean friendship. Rosemary means remembrance. With many other flowers symbolizing many more feelings, there’ll be no shortage of blooms that you can give to someone not just today but on any day of the year.

Bring Flowers To Someone Day timeline

15th Century
The Secret Language of Flowers

Floriography has roots in Persia and Turkey where flowers replaced words, allowing people to express forbidden or socially unacceptable feelings.

Floriography Arrives in the United Kingdom

Mary Wortley Montagu, an English aristocrat married to the British ambassador, brings floriography to England.

“Dictionnaire du language des fleurs” is Published

Joseph Hammer-Purgstall writes the first list that associates flowers with symbolic definitions.

“Little Shop of Horrors” Premieres

The musical, a dark comedy about a hapless florist shop worker who raises a plant that feeds on humans, is staged Off-Off-Broadway.

Bring Flowers To Someone Day FAQs

Do men like receiving flowers?

Everybody loves receiving flowers. You can send flowers to men to express appreciation, friendship, respect, and yes even love!

What does giving someone their flowers mean?

It expresses how we feel about them. We show people how we feel about them when we give them flowers.

Is it okay to give a female friend flowers?

Flowers are one of those universal gifts. If you’re a woman, it’s acceptable for you to give your friends of the same gender flowers.

Bring Flowers To Someone Day Activities

  1. Bring flowers to your neighbors

    These days not everyone knows their neighbors. Reach out to them by personally gifting them with a small potted flowering plant or a simple bouquet from your garden. You might make a new friend, who knows?

  2. Buy yourself flowers

    No significant other to bring you flowers? No problem! Get yourself a gorgeous bouquet from your nearest florist to brighten up your desk or dining space.

  3. Plant flowers

    For flowers, all year round, plant your own! Pick easy-to-grow outdoor flowers like Geraniums, Sunflowers, and Pansies. No garden? Peace Lilies, African Violets, and Bromeliads can bloom indoors.

5 Films That Feature Florists

  1. “Bed of Roses”

    Christian Slater headlines the movie as Lewis, a florist with a painful past.

  2. “Love Happens”

    Jennifer Aniston stars as a florist who’s done with dating until she meets self-help guru Dr. Burke Ryan, played by Aaron Eckhart.

  3. “The Town”

    Pete Postlethwaite plays a local Irish mobster who fronts as a florist.

  4. “Valentine’s Day”

    Ashton Kutcher takes on the role of a handsome florist.

  5. “Vertigo”

    While this Alfred Hitchcock film starring Kim Novack and James Stewart doesn’t exactly feature a florist, the legendary San Francisco florist Podesta Baldocchi is featured prominently.

Why We Love Bring Flowers To Someone Day

  1. It’s thoughtful

    Remember your Mom with a bouquet even if it isn’t Mother’s Day. Even those who receive gifts and flowers only on special days, like teachers, will love feeling appreciated.

  2. It encourages social interaction

    It’s ‘bring flowers’ not ‘send flowers’ for a reason. It’s a good opportunity to make personal connections with those you deliver blooms to.

  3. It’s a pleasant surprise

    Who doesn’t love the gift of flowers? This unexpected gesture is almost always guaranteed to bring a smile to anyone’s face.

Bring Flowers To Someone Day dates

2025May 15Thursday
2026May 15Friday
2027May 15Saturday
2028May 15Monday
2029May 15Tuesday

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