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Walk Safely To School Day – May 16, 2025

Walk Safely To School Day takes place on May 16 this year in Australia. It is a national event that involves primary school children being encouraged to walk to school safely. This day was established by the Pedestrian Council of Australia. Walk Safely To School Day was first held in New South Wales in 1999 and later became a national event in 2004. This day aims to develop exercise routines for children, promote increased intake of nutrient-dense diets, and cause a positive environmental action by decreasing carbon emissions from driving to school. The key aim, however, is to familiarize young children with road safety rules.

History of Walk Safely To School Day

Elementary or primary education refers to the first stage of formal education, preceding secondary education. This level of schooling strives to equip students with fundamental reading, writing, and mathematics skills while creating a foundation for future education. Primary education is as old as formal education itself.

During antiquity, boys were schooled at home until they reached seven years of age, after which they began formal education. The region these children resided significantly dictated the order teachers taught subjects. Spartan children’s education focused on military training, while Athenian education emphasized politics, reading, writing, arithmetic, and music, among others. With the spread of Christianity, cathedral schools were the key providers of elementary education, with the church having a monopoly over formal education.

Modern primary schooling is now the first stage of compulsory education in many parts of the world. Often, this stage of schooling is available to the public free of cost, though more expensive private schooling remains an option for the affluent. The term ‘primary school’ was first used in 1802, and today aims to equip students with the fundamental skills in literacy, arithmetic, and — often — morality. At this stage of schooling, educators make the most effort in inculcating what are considered ‘good’ habits. For example, in Australia, Walk Safely To School Day is a national event that involves primary school children being encouraged to walk to school safely. Its objective is to promote personal and environmental health and safety.

Walk Safely To School Day timeline

94 A.D.
The Quintilian Theory

Quintilian publishes “Institutio Oratoria,” detailing his views on education.

597 A.D.
The Kings School

One of the world’s oldest continuing schools, Kings School, is opened in Canterbury.

The First Walk Safely To School Day

The first Walk Safely To School Day takes place in New South Wales.

The Start of a National Event

Walk Safely To School Day is observed as a national event.

Walk Safely To School Day FAQs

What happens if you walk to school every day?

Walking to school would improve your overall well-being as walking is a healthy exercise with plenty of benefits.

What is a reasonable distance for a child to walk to school?

A child in primary school should walk two to three miles to school.

Is one mile too far to walk to school?

No, unless there are any underlying health risks for the individual child.

How to Observe Walk Safely To School Day

  1. Map walking routes to school

    If you have a child, prepare them to walk to school. Map out routes with them.

  2. Teach your child about traffic safety rules

    Make sure your child is ready to walk outside safely. Try to review traffic rules with them.

  3. Help them understand the environmental impact

    Though driving to school is far more comfortable, help your child understand the environmental impact they’d be making by curbing carbon emissions. Let them appreciate why they’re walking to school.

5 Facts About Walking

  1. It’s a popular exercise

    Walking is the most popular exercise in the U.S.

  2. It has an average speed

    The average walking speed is 3.1 miles per hour.

  3. The distance covered during one’s lifetime

    On average, a person walks about 65,000 miles during their lifetime.

  4. It’s a mood elevator

    Walking helps boost your mood by increasing blood flow to the brain.

  5. It helps to curb emissions

    Walking about 10 miles per week rather than traveling by a vehicle would save 500 pounds of carbon dioxide emissions each year.

Why Walk Safely To School Day is Important

  1. It encourages an active lifestyle

    Walking instead of commuting to school will inculcate the habit of physical activity in a child’s life. This habit would be tremendously beneficial to the individual’s overall health.

  2. It highlights the environmental impact of driving places

    Walk Safely To School Day highlights the difference walking would make on carbon emissions. Fewer gas emissions translate to a healthier environment.

  3. It’s an opportunity for children to learn traffic safety rules

    Walks are fun and environmental-friendly. In addition, Walk Safely To School Day also helps children learn traffic safety rules.

Walk Safely To School Day dates

2022May 20Friday
2023May 19Friday
2024May 17Friday
2025May 16Friday
2026May 15Friday

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