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FriMay 17

NASCAR Day – May 17, 2024

NASCAR Day has got us on the edge of our seats with anticipation this May 17. The iconic car race has been happening for several decades now, first starting in 1948 on Daytona Beach, located in Florida, U.S. The NASCAR event takes place for 10 months each year. Millions from all over the world tune in to watch the races. Companies and sponsors have also created and manufactured special collectibles for commercial sales. Seeing the popularity of the event, the NASCAR Foundation created NASCAR Day to help raise funds and awareness for the betterment of children’s lives all over the world.

History of NASCAR Day

The first NASCAR Day was commemorated in 2003 by the NASCAR Foundation. An acronym for the National Association of Stock Car Auto Racing, the foundation aimed to raise funds for children’s welfare whilst celebrating the racers, crew, companies/sponsors, and the legions of fans all over the world. NASCAR, founded by Bill France Sr. in 1948, is an auto racing sanctioning and operating company. It is most known for its stock car racing event that takes place not only in the U.S., but also in Mexico, Europe, and Canada. Every year, NASCAR endorses more than 1,500 races at 100 tracks.

NASCAR Day takes place on the third Friday of every May. Much like baseball or derby, NASCAR is also a classic American pastime, and this is why the media covers the races extensively. Drivers and sponsors join hands with fans to bring attention and raise funds for children’s welfare. Apart from this, other common activities on NASCAR Day include a meet-and-greet with the drivers, raffles, and bumper-to-bumper races. There’s much skill involved in maneuvering a speeding car at curvy bends and within inches of another vehicle. The exhilaration is felt by the drivers and the audiences alike. The ultimate winner of the season is decided through a scoring system whereby the highest scorer wins.

NASCAR Day timeline

Daytona Race Records

Around 15 race records are set at Daytona Beach’s racing track after races between Ransom Olds and Alexander Winton.

NASCAR Established

Bill France Sr., an American businessman, establishes NASCAR as a private U.S.-based company.

NASCAR Safety Modifications

After several injuries and driver deaths, NASCAR modifies cars, by providing wider car ceilings and cockpits, to improve safety measures.

The Buschwhacker Controversy

After the NASCAR rules change, drivers are made to choose and compete in only one of the three touring championships.


When does NASCAR Day take place?

NASCAR Day takes place on the third Friday of May every year. In 2021, the day falls on May 21.

Were there any race cars banned from NASCAR?

The Dodge Charger Daytona was banned from being used in NASCAR. The Dodge was said to have been so powerful that it was banned because having it on the track would mean the driver had an unfair advantage over the other competitors.

How many miles are there in a NASCAR event?

There are about 400–500 miles in a NASCAR event. This means that there should be around 200 laps.

How To Celebrate NASCAR Day

  1. Go to a NASCAR event

    Get your hands on tickets to a NASCAR event to fully immerse yourself into the experience. Read up on all the necessary information about the event to see what activities you can take part in.

  2. Watch the races with loved ones

    Make a day out of it by watching the races with your friends and family. Make snacks, place harmless bets, and enjoy the day full of excitement with everyone.

  3. Donate to the funds

    Donate to the funds that NASCAR supports. If you cannot donate, spread awareness about NASCAR’s welfare work, either on your social media accounts or by talking to people about it.

5 Facts About Race Cars That Will Blow Your Mind

  1. F1’s extreme engine heat

    An F1 race car generates extremely high engine heat, up to 1,832℉, which is more than enough to melt aluminum.

  2. Race cars driving upside down

    A race car has the ability to drive upside down after it reaches a certain speed.

  3. Your car made from a race car

    It is highly likely that many parts of your car might have been made from recycled race car parts.

  4. Extremely heavy fuel consumption

    A race car can consume about 65–80 gallons of fuel to reach incredibly high speeds, up to 300 mph in three seconds.

  5. Ordinary cars in car racing

    Earlier times saw ordinary cars competing in car racing but, before long, special cars were being designed for racing, like the Bugatti Type 35.

Why We Love NASCAR Day

  1. It’s a celebration of excitement

    There’s much to be said about the feeling of excitement that grips you while watching time-sensitive races. From the adrenaline rush at the starting line to the patience in between the laps to the nerve-wracking exhilaration at the end of the race, NASCAR events call for a combination of thrilling anticipation and calming patience. Now, where else would you get the best of both these worlds?

  2. It’s a celebration of togetherness

    NASCAR brings together a great number of people from different backgrounds. What’s wonderful is the shared sense of community that binds the audience together, no matter who is supporting whom.

  3. It’s a celebration of welfare

    It is always important to remember the less fortunate. This is the reason why the popularity of NASCAR helped shed light on important causes and charities.

NASCAR Day dates

2022May 20Friday
2023May 19Friday
2024May 17Friday
2025May 16Friday
2026May 15Friday

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