September 21st holidays

September 21 is the 264th day of the Gregorian calendar. Norman invaders win the kingdom of Dublin; J.R.R. Tolkien’s groundbreaking novel, “The Hobbit”, was published. Congress passed the Defense of Marriage Act. Famous birthdays include H.G. Wells, Stephen King and Bill Murray. Today is the International Day of Peace.

We have 6 holidays listed for September 21.


International Day of Peace

Let there be peace by making the world a better and more sustainable place for all.


Harvest Moon Festival

Break out your forks and knives, it's time for some feasting and bonding, Korean style!


Mid-Autumn Festival

We know what you're thinking. Why does the Mid-Autumn Festival take place in late summer?


Mid-Autumn Moon Festival

Let’s celebrate the glorious moon!


Miniature Golf Day

Miniature golf can be traced back to the 19th century.


National IT Professionals Day

They make sure our computer systems run smoothly.