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Malta Independence Day – September 21, 2024

The nation of Malta celebrates its independence day on 21 September every year. The country won its liberation from the United Kingdom on this day in 1964. An archipelago nation in the European Union, Malta has been under the rule of several foreign powers before it gained independence from the British. The British foothold, which began in 1813, was the longest ever that the Maltese had encountered. After gaining independence in 1964, Malta became a republic in 1974. In 2004 the nation joined the European Union and from the year of its independence, Malta has been a part of the United Nations.

History of Malta Independence Day

Malta has been long inhabited by humans. Records show that human settlements arrived in Malta as early as 5900 B.C. Since it is centrally located in the Mediterranean Sea, the nation has enjoyed a strategic privilege in trade and commerce, which also made it a prized possession for foreign conquerors. From the ancient civilizations of Phoenicians and Carthaginians to the modern conquerors like the French and British, almost every ruling foreign power has desired Malta to build naval ports and strengthen its trade routes. All of these foreign powers have influenced the culture of Malta in some way or another and today the nation is a melting pot of its history.

The British arrived on the shores of Malta in 1813. Initially, it served as a way station for ships and the headquarters for the British Mediterranean Fleet. However, with the outbreak of the Second World War, Malta became an Allied base to oversee operations in North Africa and the Mediterranean. It was during this time that the nation gained some political traction and there was an invigorated interest among the locals to establish self-rule.

The treaty that declared Malta an independent country was signed in 1964 but Queen Elizabeth II continued to serve as the nation’s monarch. She occupied the position of Head of State with a governor-general exercising authority on her behalf. Ten years later, Malta declared itself as a republic with the president serving as the Head of State. Today, Malta elects its representatives through democratic elections. The parliament of Malta is modeled on the Westminster parliament.

Malta Independence Day timeline

Treaty of Paris

Malta officially becomes part of the British Empire.

Sette Giugno

The British Army kills four native civilians.

Malta Summit

Presidents George Bush and Mikhail Gorbachev meet to end the Cold War.


Malta becomes a Eurozone member.

Malta Independence Day FAQs

When did Malta gain independence from Britain?

Malta gained independence and became a republic in 1964.

How did Malta gain independence?

After the Second World War, the movement for self-determination grew stronger and Malta was granted independence on September 21, 1964.

How is Malta Independence Day celebrated?

Malta Independence Day is celebrated with parades and festivities across the country. This holiday is one of five national days in Malta.

How to Observe Malta Independence Day

  1. Visit Malta

    Malta Independence Day is one of the five national holidays in the country. Visit Malta during this time to soak in the festivities and celebrations. It is also a much-desired tourist destination throughout the year.

  2. Indulge in Maltese cuisine

    Can’t go to Malta to celebrate Malta Independence Day? Bring Malta to you! Treat yourself to some delicious Maltese food items such as pastizzi, bigilla, galletti, and more. You could also teach yourself how to prepare these delicacies.

  3. Listen to music from Malta

    The ‘għana’ music genre is indigenous to Malta. You could listen to the music online where men argue in sing-song voices, accompanied by folk guitar music. This is a fun way to observe Malta Independence Day.

5 Interesting Facts About Malta

  1. One of the world’s smallest countries

    It’s the tenth smallest country in the world.

  2. It has more tourists than residents

    There are three times more tourists in the country than residents.

  3. The country has two official languages

    They are English and Maltese.

  4. It is a Christian country

    The official religion is Catholic Christianism.

  5. It is a favorite for film shoots

    “World War Z”, “Game of Thrones”, and more were shot here.

Why Malta Independence Day is Important

  1. Makes us aware of other cultures

    Celebrations such as Malta Independence Day make us aware of lesser-known countries, their history, culture, and socio-political cultures. It’s a great way to learn about our world.

  2. A way to enjoy something new

    Malta Independence Day can be celebrated with music, food, art, and literature from Malta. This is a terrific way to enjoy something new and introduce yourself to a culture that you might not be familiar with.

  3. Part of modern history

    Malta brought the long-standing Cold War to an end. By celebrating Malta Independence Day, we also celebrate the pivotal moments that shaped modern global history.

Malta Independence Day dates

2024September 21Saturday
2025September 21Sunday
2026September 21Monday
2027September 21Tuesday
2028September 21Thursday

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