Wife Appreciation Day – September 20, 2020

Sun Sep 20

They keep us grounded and centered. They inspire us to work hard and improve ourselves. They ask us to take out the trash and empty the dishwasher, which is totally fine because those things need to get done. Wives are so many things to so many people: their husbands, naturally — but also the kids (if they have them) and the in-laws (which they almost certainly have). Of course, this holiday is especially important for wives who may feel left out on Mother’s Day. Thank goodness there’s a Wife Appreciation Day this September 20 so we can show them how much they mean to us.!

Wife Appreciation Day timeline


​Let's make a day out of it!

The world celebrated the first-ever edition of Wife Appreciation Day. Thanks, ladies!

The 1960s

Changing dynamics

Wives began to work outside the home in large numbers for the first time.


Property owners — finally

The Married Women's Property Act allowed wives to own property in their own names — even if their husbands were still alive.

The 1100s

Child brides

​​Scholars have detailed how the Catholic Church once permitted girls over 12 to marry — even without parental consent.

Wife Appreciation Day Activities

  1. Order up a spa day

    It's a rare wife who isn't in the mood for a little pampering. So schedule a spa day for her on or around Wife Appreciation Day, and let her get some much-needed attention.

  2. Spread the news

    Social media makes it easy to share information, so be sure to send out a few tweets or post a couple of things on Facebook telling the world how much you appreciate your wife. Use the hashtag #WifeAppreciationDay, too!

  3. Do all the chores

    Yes, we know husbands do a lot around the house. But they can do even more. How about giving her a day off?

​4 Wives' Tales — By The Numbers

  1. ​There are fewer of them

    ​The marriage rate in the U.S. has plummeted. Once, 72 percent of Americans got married. Today, that number is down to 50 percent.

  2. ​Two wives are better than one

    ​There are an estimated 252,000 same-sex married couples in the U.S. And support for gay marriage continues to increase.

  3. Royal weddings

    ​According to the Bible, King Solomon had 700 wives.

  4. Tiny — by comparison

    ​America's 16th president, Abraham Lincoln, stood 6-foot-4. His wife, Mary? She was just 5-foot-2.

Why We Love Wife Appreciation Day

  1. We love them

    Our wives amaze us. They are the calm in the middle of the storm. And life can sure get stormy. So we're super grateful that they care so much about us.

  2. Wives don't get enough credit

    So many of the amazing things they do every day go unrecognized. That's partially because wives are often expected to do them. Well, we're here to say we appreciate those things.

  3. Wives could use a day off

    Wife Appreciation Day can be a nice surprise if we let our wives know they don't have to do a single thing.