Valentine's Day – February 14, 2020

Fri Feb 14

Valentine’s Day really did start as a feast day for St. Valentine, the patron saint of love and affection. But thanks to Chaucer and his tales, the day became infused with the romance, tension, and drama of the English imperial court. Et voila, 200 years later, it means we’re buying chocolates and making reservations for very expensive meals. Join us on February 14th as we celebrate this special day of love.

Valentine's Day - Survey Results

According to one of the top New York PR Firms:

While 13% of men say Valentine’s Day is their favorite holiday, 8% of men absolutely hate it. Meanwhile, 13% of women claim Valentine’s Day is their favorite holiday, compared to just 5% who hate it.

Only 9% of women are single and actively searching for a boyfriend, compared to 13% of men who say they are single and want a girlfriend.

Although 19% of married Americans admit that Valentine’s Day was a much bigger deal before they were married, 46% still celebrate Valentine’s Day with their spouse.

Valentine's Day Activities

  1. Create your own card

    Don’t let those witty cats at Hallmark have all the fun. Draw, collage, throw glitter at your own wonder, full of your own words. Your boo is going to love it. (And if you’re single, write it to you. You deserve all that love, and more!)

  2. Be someone’s secret admirer

    How fun would it be to get that note under your computer, or a mysterious envelope in the mail? (NOTE: We’re not talking stalker, here.) Whether you’re single or coupled, you could make someone’s day very romantic with the right, unexpected wink today.

  3. Write a love 100 gratitude list

    They say what you focus on, grows. So why not take some time to focus on love and all the ways it has shown up in your life. Like 100 ways it has shown up in your life. You’ll have to dig deep. It won’t be easy. But you’ll come out smiling on the other end. (Promise. With a pinky swear.)

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GIFs That Singles Need This Valentine's Day

  1. There are 7.6 billion people in the world...and not one of them has chosen to be with you today.

  2. Well-meaning friends are suddenly telling you to start online dating again.

  3. Right shark: your last date’s dating profile. Left shark: reality.

  4. But couples will never know the joy of walking around town in sweatpants while everyone else is out in fancy outfits.

  5. And besides, you don't have to worry about someone proposing to you in public, or even worse, SINGING to you.

  6. So you pretend to be impressed as they describe some lame date involving flowers, chocolates, and ice skating.

  7. While you're really thinking: 2-for-1 Domino's all for me, baby. Happy Valentine's Day!

Why We Love Valentine's Day

  1. Memories of brown paper bags full of Valentine messages

    Unless you were home-schooled, chances are you have memories of getting Valentine’s Day cards from every kid in your class. Filled with hearts, Hello Kitty and Daffy Duck. That was sweet. Like, for reals.

  2. But really, how much do you ACTUALLY appreciate your partner

    Yes – Valentine’s Day has gotten too commercial. But if you really take a moment to think about it, how often do you stop and truly appreciate your sweetie? With the stress of work, long to-do lists, and everything else that goes into life—why not take a day to love on that special someone?

  3. It’s about love y'all

    Valentine’s Day gives us that unique opportunity to be as schmoopy romantic as we want to be. Candles, flowers, poems, beautiful food? And candles! Inner cupid doesn’t often get a chance to play—and when s/he does, magic seems to follow.

Valentine's Day dates
2020February 14Friday
2021February 14Sunday
2022February 14Monday
2023February 14Tuesday
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