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National Call in Single Day – February 14, 2025

National Call In Single Day is on February 14, and we’re going to show you how you can celebrate and dedicate this day to yourself. It has been 17 years since National Call In Single Day was celebrated for the first time. February 14, being Valentine’s Day, is a day when couples exchange gifts and spend quality time together. National Call In Single Day was created for singles, as they are often left out, and celebrates being single. People celebrate this day by taking the day off and treating themselves. They buy things for themselves and eat what they want.

National Call in Single Day timeline

“Call It a Day”

This saying is used to greet colleagues when leaving work early.

Yahoo is Born

Yahoo, one of the oldest search engines and messaging platforms is created.

Yahoo Personals is Launched

Yahoo Personals is launched by Yahoo as an online dating site.

A Day for the Singles

A group of people in Yahoo Personals create a special day for the singles who feel left out on Valentine's Day.

National Call In Single Day

Yahoo Personals is shut down, but National Call In Single Day celebrations continue.

National Call in Single Day FAQs

What are the other days dedicated to singles?

There are national and international singles days. Chinese 11.11 Day (November 11) is also known as Singles’ Day. Happy Singles’ Day and Singles’ Awareness Day are some days dedicated to the singles and that encourage singles to show some self-love

What is Alibaba Singles' Day?

Alibaba Singles’ Day is a shopping festival organized by the e-commerce giant Alibaba. This day features special discounts and offers and celebrates the state of being single.

Did Singles' Day originate in China?

The Chinese are known to have specific days for celebrating being single. They have been celebrating Singles’ Day as an Anti-Valentine’s Day. The number 11.11 represents Yi Sheng Yi Shi, which means “One Life, One Lifetime.”

National Call in Single Day Activities

  1. Celebrate being single

    What better way to celebrate National Call In Single Day than to celebrate being single! If you are single on Valentine's Day, use this day to do things for yourself. It’s a time to treat and pamper yourself.

  2. Share it on social media

    Let everyone know that you are celebrating this day. Take pictures of you celebrating National Call In Single Day by going out and making merry, post them on social media. You can also write articles on National Call In Single Day.

  3. Encourage other singles

    Being single does not necessarily mean going solo. Call your single friends and make a night of it.

5 Facts About Being Single That Will Blow Your Mind

  1. They manage finances better

    Studies have shown that single people manage their expenses better and are more likely to save money.

  2. They have more friends

    Single people can give more time to their friends and have stronger bonds with them.

  3. They sleep better

    Studies have shown that people who do not have to share their bedroom with others sleep better and wake up refreshed.

  4. They have less stress

    Singles are said to have less stress and anxiety in their lives.

  5. They find jobs easily

    Research shows that singles are more likely to find a job because of eligibility criteria in certain fields and also because they have better personal management.

Why We Love National Call in Single Day

  1. It gives us a chance to love ourselves

    This is a day of self-love. National Call In Single Day gives us a chance to love ourselves and do things to make ourselves happy. While the couples are doing things for each other, singles can do things that make themselves happy.

  2. It reminds us of the perks of being single

    We often feel sad about being single on Valentine's Day and forget about the perks of being single. National Call In Single Day reminds us that being single is beneficial in many ways and is less stressful. We don't realize that there are many involved in a relationship who miss the freedom of being single.

  3. It reminds us that singles exist

    In a couple-centered world, singles are typically left out. This day reminds us to reach out to them.

National Call in Single Day dates

2025February 14Friday
2026February 14Saturday
2027February 14Sunday
2028February 14Monday
2029February 14Wednesday

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