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SatFeb 8

Global Movie Day – February 8, 2025

Global Movie Day is celebrated on the second Saturday of February every year, to coincide with the Oscar season. This year, it takes place on February 8. This day was established to celebrate the power of movies and their capacity to inspire and move people, and transform lives. Global Movie Day offers people an opportunity to celebrate movies and catch up on the latest movie releases. Set in the thick of Oscar season, the date is perfect for movie buffs to come together to watch and discuss the latest movies. This allows them to bond over their shared love of good stories told on celluloid!

History of Global Movie Day

Global Movie Day is celebrated on the second Saturday of February every year. This day was established by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences so movie-lovers around the world could celebrate their favorite movies.
The Academy also wanted to offer people the opportunity to take one day to come together and discuss movies with the Academy as well as other movie buffs. A special day set aside for movies gives people an opportunity to revisit classics, rewatch their favorite films and catch up on the latest releases.

Setting the day in the midst of Oscar season was deliberately done to encourage people to participate in the excitement surrounding the Oscar-nominated films as well as the best releases of the year.

Movies are a visual art form that uses a series of live-action photographs. These are then presented in sequence at the rate of 24 frames per second. Because of a phenomenon called a “persistence of vision,” the pictures appear to move to the human eye.

The movie industry in the United States, commonly referred to as Hollywood, has an enormous influence on the film industry. American cinema has been historically a leading force in the industry and is considered to be the oldest film industry.

Today, films use sophisticated cameras as well as advanced computer graphics and software to tell stories in interesting ways. As people consume media via different platforms, movies are being seen as yet another type of ‘content’, which is transforming the way producers and consumers look at storytelling.

Global Movie Day timeline

The Black Maria is Completed

Edison’s Black Maria, also known as the cinematographic theatre, becomes Thomas Edison’s film production studio.

Production Companies Set up in California

A number of major film companies set up production facilities in Southern California in Los Angeles because of good weather conditions that support filmmaking year-round.

The First Academy Awards is Held

The first Academy Awards is hosted at The Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel — a total of 15 statuettes are awarded on the day to various artists.

The Academy Establishes Global Movie Day

The first Global Movie Day is set up by the Academy before the 92nd Oscars.

Global Movie Day FAQs

Is it legal to watch movies on YouTube?

Yes, YouTube has a set of ad-free-supported movies that they made available in 2018.

What is the best movie app?

Some of the best movie apps include Netflix, Hulu, Disney+, and HBO.

How long does a Netflix download last?

Depending on the film, a download may last between 24 hours to seven days.

Global Movie Day Activities

  1. Watch some movies

    Is there any better way to celebrate movies than by watching them? Settle down with your old favorites or get tickets to one of the latest movie releases and mark the occasion!

  2. Host a drive-in movie night

    If you have a projector and a flat white wall, host a drive-in for your neighborhood. Set up your film and projector outside, invite your neighbours, and settle in to watch!

  3. Discuss your favorite movies

    Discuss your favorite films with other movie buffs. Everyone’s connecting online on social media so get a discussion going.

5 Cool Facts About The American Movie Industry

  1. A lot of genres began in America

    Cinema genres such as musicals and war epics, as well as the ones common among the other arts such as comedy and drama were birthed by the American movie industry.

  2. Hollywood is the most successful commercially

    American movie studios have produced films that are commercially successful at home and around the world — they are also known to produce movies that have the highest ticket sales in the world.

  3. America produces 700 movies every year

    Hollywood and other independent producers together generate hundreds of films throughout the year.

  4. Hollywood is an important cultural resource

    As globalization intensifies, the American government relies on the worldwide appeal of Hollywood to export American culture around the world.

  5. There’s an archive of the Oscars

    The Academy Film Archive has recordings of every award ceremony since 1949 in a variety of different formats.

Why We Love Global Movie Day

  1. We love movies

    We love sitting down and getting lost in the story on screen. We’re delighted to have a day set aside to watch and discuss movies with other movie buffs around the world.

  2. We want to catch up

    It’s hard to keep up with the latest movies, especially during Oscar season. We love having a day to just relax and watch a few movies!

  3. We want to talk about movies

    If we talked about movies all year round, people might get bored! So we’re excited to have a dedicated day on which we can discuss all the great things we enjoy about movies.

Global Movie Day dates

2022February 12Saturday
2023February 11Saturday
2024February 10Saturday
2025February 8Saturday
2026February 14Saturday

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