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TueFeb 14

Read to Your Child Day – February 14, 2023

Read to Your Child Day is celebrated every year on February 14. Reading bedtime stories is a sacred tradition shared between a parent and a child. Kids are like sponges — they absorb everything from their environment. Their values are guided by their experiences, and their feelings become a part of their personality. This is why helping them navigate their emotions through stories of morality and honesty is such an important part of a child’s upbringing. We celebrate Read to Your Child Day on February 14 to honor the beautiful reading sessions between a parent and a child.

History of Read to Your Child Day

Read to Your Child Day celebrates the great tradition of parents and guardians’ reading books to their children. Novels, fiction, myths, legends, the tales of good-guy-winning-bad-guy-losing, are all important parts of a person’s childhood.

Reading books to your children in a fun, engaging manner is instrumental to their overall language development. Child health experts have observed that developing a love for reading amongst toddlers is more important than focusing on any other literacy skill. When parents have regular reading sessions filled with characters that push the bounds of imagination, it instills the love for books in kids as well.

Some of the most memorable moments of our childhood are the stories we listened to — at the backseat of the car on our way back from school, on long trips with our parents, and in the seclusion of our bedrooms. If you loved reading books and sharing tales of princesses and triumph with your parents, then this day is for you.

The origin of this holiday is unclear, but it sits right with the theme of the month. Read to Your Child Day coincides with Book Giving Day and Library Lovers’ Day.

Reading to your child boosts your personal bond, and it improves their brain development. See? There is no downside to reading to your kids. Instead, the quiet moments of solitude, when your voice is the only sound filling the room, can be a therapeutic experience for you and the parent, as well.

Read to Your Child Day timeline

The Babes Book

English Poet John Lydgate publishes the first-ever children's book on mannerisms and behavior for royal kids of the courthouse.

The World in Pictures

John Amos Comenius, a.k.a. the Father of Modern Education, publishes "The Visible World in Pictures," the first picture book for children.

“Alice's Adventures in Wonderland”

Lewis Caroll’s fantasy "Alice's Adventures in Wonderland" marks the First Golden Age of children's literature in Europe.

“The Wonderful Wizard of Oz”

Frank Baum publishes “The Wonderful Wizard of Oz” and commences the beginning of fairy tales and magic in children’s literature.

Read to Your Child Day FAQs

What are the best books to read to my kids?

The best books to read to your kids are “Charlotte’s Web,” “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory,” “A Wrinkle in Time,” “Matilda,” “The Harry Potter Series,” “The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe,” and “Winnie the Pooh.”

How can I get my child to enjoy our reading sessions?

Pick interesting stories with large caricatures and describable personalities. Start with small stories and anecdotes before moving to sagas and multi-book franchises. You can also promise rewards after each successful session to pique their interest.

What is the right age for a child to start reading?

Children can start recognizing a combination of letters from the age of three, but the actual comprehension skills kick in at ages five to seven.

Read to Your Child Day Activities

  1. Plan a camping trip

    Books take us to places we have never been before. One day you are chasing Harry down the Gryffindor hall, the next you are picking apples with Snow White and her dwarfs. This February 14, chase down the magic lane and plan a camping trip filled with books, love, and laughter.

  2. Visit a bookstore

    Buying books with your family is a great activity, as it creates a special knack for reading among young kids. Take your kids to the bookstore and let them select a couple of books themselves. Dragons, fairies, ghosts, or princesses—all purchases are valid!

  3. Donate your old books

    February is a beautiful month to share your blessings, and on Read to Your Child Day, you can share the gift of books with those less privileged than you. Books your kids have outgrown, books you no longer want to read again, and books you have copies of — donate them all to an orphanage or a nearby community center.

5 Benefits Of Reading To Your Children Daily

  1. It builds an everlasting bond

    Reading is a great way to share a moment of calm conversation with your kids, in contrast to a rather hassling day.

  2. It develops cognitive skills

    Regular verbal interaction between a child and a parent improves their I.Q. and aids in developing cognitive skills.

  3. It expands the vocabulary

    A study concluded that kids who are read to regularly are exposed to 78,000 new words each year.

  4. It teaches life lessons

    Kids’ books are filled with great teachings and moral lessons — something every child takes inspiration from.

  5. It feeds creativity

    Being the one-person audience of magical tales can do wonders for a child’s creativity.

Why We Love Read to Your Child Day

  1. Reading sessions are precious

    We don’t need an excuse to celebrate the valuable reading sessions we share with our kids. On Read to Your Child Day, we renew our promise of always sharing stories of bravery, compassion, and friendship with our children.

  2. Internet takeover is scary

    Internet-ladened mobiles and tablets have replaced the little time we shared with our kids. Do not let the tradition of sharing stories with your kids die. Make a rule to shut down the Internet an hour before bedtime, and read them stories before they go to sleep every day.

  3. Reading never gets old

    Read to Your Child Day can be celebrated at any age. The bonds formed with the act of reading together last for a lifetime. This February 14, demand a dramatic reading of your favorite childhood book and revisit some childhood memories.

Read to Your Child Day dates

2023February 14Tuesday
2024February 14Wednesday
2025February 14Friday
2026February 14Saturday
2027February 14Sunday

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