Family Holidays

There’s no one who knows us better than our families—whether that’s knowing when we need a care package with our favorite candy or exactly how to push our buttons. We love celebrating 13 family holidays at National Today!

Where did family holidays come from?

It all started with Mother's and Father's Day—but can you guess which one was celebrated first?

It was Mother's Day! In post-Civil War West Virginia, an activist named Ann Reeves Jarvis started "Mother's Work Days" to bring together the mothers of both confederate and union soldiers. Nearly 50 years later in 1908, Jarvis's daughter wanted to pay tribute to her mother by turning the day she invented into a national holiday. It immediately caught on, with 45 states celebrating it in 1909.

By 1914, Woodrow Wilson signed a resolution into law that officially made Mother's Day a national holiday. Concurrently, a tenacious women was trying to start an official Mother's Day equivalent for the fathers we all hold dear. In 1910, she got Washington State to celebrate Father's Day for the first time. But it wasn't until 1916 that it caught national attention.

After Mother's Day and Father's Day paved the way for family celebrations, children, spouses, and more flocked to create their own national days to celebrate the ones they love.

Submit your favorite family holidays

Are we missing a family holiday that you love to celebrate? If so, do a little research and verify that it's celebrated widely—you can do this by seeing if people are posting about it on social media, for example. Then, submit it at our holiday submission page.