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WedFeb 26

Tell a Fairy Tale Day – February 26, 2025

Tell a Fairy Tale Day is celebrated on February 26 every year, and just by the sound of it, it conjures a feel-good effect. It is a spectacular occasion to bring out the child in us and have a happy day while escaping from the monsters and evils of the world. When we were children, we were introduced and exposed to fairy tales. It usually is our happy time, mostly before bedtime, when we are excited to hear these stories. The fairy tales depict enchanting folkloric characters like fairies, goblins, trolls, witches, talking animals, and inanimate objects that move, of heroes and villains engaged in plots relatable to real life, and happy endings. Who would not want to be a part of this joyous festivity?

History of Tell a Fairy Tale Day

It is indistinct as to when Tell a Fairy Tale Day started. But when we delve into the concept of fairy tales, it brings us to the renowned Westerners, which dates back as far as the 6th century B.C. By this, we give credit to Aesop, the slave storyteller in ancient Greece, who created over 600 short stories, which tell morals, especially for children.

It is interesting to know that even in this present day, the origin of fairy tales is one of the prime anonymities of the world. It is said that fairy tales are even much older than previously perceived. Researchers trace fairy tales as far back as the Bronze Age, way before the advent of the literary record, this is quite amazing to know that something without even being written has been preserved in time immemorial. 

This fantasy genre of idealized and extremely happy imaginary beings and lands with plots of battling contrasts between discord and peace, good and evil, moral and immoral has subsisted cultural peculiarities and geographical barriers without even being written, transmitted only through spoken language. These languages may even be extinct by now. Some versions of these fairy tales imply that they are even much older than classical mythology or the contents of Greek and Latin texts. They date back even before the existence of English or French.

Tell a Fairy Tale Day became an unofficial holiday that instigates everyone to commemorate the event by reading, telling, and listening to fairy tales around the world. 

Tell a Fairy Tale Day timeline

1000 B.C.
“The Smith and The Devil”

The oldest known fairy tale, “The Smith and The Devil” is written.

“Beauty and the Beast”

The classic fairytale of “Beauty and the Beast” is written by French novelist Gabrielle Suzanne.

“The Tallow Candle”

Hans Christian Anderson writes his well-known fairy tale “The Tallow Candle.”

Tell a Fairy Tale Day

Tell A Fairy Tale Day is created to give recognition to these magical stories.

Tell a Fairy Tale Day FAQs

What type of characters are found in a fairy tale?

Ogres, Beanstalks, princesses, princes, wizards, and fairy godmothers are some of the characters you will find in most fairy tales. To improve your fairy tale vocabulary you can read more fairy tales or simply do research online.

How do you tell if a story is a fairy tale?

When a story starts with “Once upon a time,” or “A long time ago.” A fairy tale ends on a positive note like “And they lived happily ever after.”

What are the seven elements of a fairy tale?

The seven elements of a fairy tale are (1) opening and ending, (2) hero/heroine, (3) magic, (4) royalty, (5) problem and solution, (6) universal lesson, and (7) learning resources. All these elements or a combination of them can be found in almost all good fairy tales. 

Tell a Fairy Tale Day Activities

  1. Fuel the child in you

    Go online and browse the net for the most spell-binding fairy tales, or just curl up on your couch with hot cocoa and read a hardbound book like the old way. Watch classic and contemporary movie versions of your childhood favorites. Explore new stories. Better yet, do this with your children or nephews and nieces.

  2. Write your own fairy tale

    Take this opportunity to write down your very own fairy tale. Immortalize your hero and the warrior princess in you, and write it down. You could be a Charles Perrault in the making!

  3. Host a Fairy Tale costume party

    Masks and costumes on! If you want to take the celebrations of Tell A Fairy Tale Day to the next level, then you can host a fairy tale costume party. Reading and listening to a fairy tale is one thing, but having a fairytale-themed costume party with friends is beyond magical! Put on your favorite costumes and encourage your friends to do the same.

5 Facts About Fairy Tales That Will Blow Your Mind

  1. Some are based on true events

    Fairy tales, which have been transported through time and generations via word of mouth or written transcripts, were sometimes based on true historical events.

  2. Hans Christian is the most creative author

    Christian has been credited as the most famous and creative fairy tale author.

  3. “Cinderella” is the most popular fairy tale

    “Cinderella” still yields as the top result for the most famous fairy tale, along with “Beauty and the Beast,” “Hansel and Gretel,” and “The Emperor’s New Clothes.”

  4. Germany has the best fairy tales

    The Grimm Brothers devoted their lives collecting German folktales and plaiting them into the best fairy tales, making Germany the country with the best fairy tales.

  5. Madame d’Aulnoy named fairy tale

    The 17th-century French writer Madame d’Aulnoy coined the term fairy tale.

Why We Love Tell a Fairy Tale Day

  1. It is a day with triumphant happy endings

    Who does not love happy endings? This day allows us to escape the stress and gruesome challenges of the real world and just be delighted and merry. It gives us a break from our daily routines and the stress in our lives.

  2. It is a thrill seeker’s paradise

    The day is special in a way that it makes us go back to the time when we were just children, content and carefree without horrific dilemmas to face. It also gives us a brighter perception of the world. It reminds us of the moral lesson we have inherently retained in ourselves by the fairy tales we were exposed to as children.

  3. It is a great day to spend time with children

    This day allows us to spend quality time with the children and make them happy by reading fairy tales to them. It provides us with an excellent opportunity to bond with the children, listen to their thoughts, and get to know their desires and dreams.

Tell a Fairy Tale Day dates

2025February 26Wednesday
2026February 26Thursday
2027February 26Friday
2028February 26Saturday
2029February 26Monday

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