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Kuwait Liberation Day – February 26, 2025

Kuwait Liberation Day is observed annually on February 26. This holiday remembers the day Kuwait was liberated from Iraqi occupation in 1991. The Liberation was the U.S. marshaled military operation — Operation Desert Storm, to recoup Kuwait from Iraq after the 1991 bombing of Iraq. U.S. troops arrived to find the Iraqis surrendering as a whole, although pockets of resistance prevailed, especially at Kuwait International Airport where Iraqi troops, supposedly clueless that a retreat order had already been given, proceeded with fighting, which only resulted in an intense battle over the airport itself. Most of the fight happened in Iraq instead of Kuwait. The military operation is also commonly referred to as the Gulf War.

History of Kuwait Liberation Day

Kuwait was initially stabilized as a small fishing village during the 1600s. By the year 1899, the present country became a British Protectorate. In 1961, Kuwait gained independence with the end of the British protectorate, and Sheik Abdullah Al-Salim Al-Sabah assumed the role of the Emir. But before its independence, on the second day of August in 1990, ensuing a feud over revenue from an oil field, Iraqi troops raided Kuwait and Iraq began to bomb Kuwait City. Six days later, on August 8, the Kuwaiti government was replaced by an Iraqi governor.

There was global rage as the invasion was widespread. Bringing in no progress by diplomatic means, the United Nations Security Council gave Iraq a deadline of January 15, 1991, to vacate from Kuwait. But as the story goes, they were stubborn enough to stay put until the deadline passed. So the U.S. directed coalition forces to begin their attack on the Iraqi forces known as Operation Desert Storm, from January 17, 1991. The Iraqi forces demonstrated their incompetence to combat the coalition forces as the ground war only lasted four days before the Iraqi tanks ran away from Kuwait on February 26, 1991.

Today Kuwait is wealthy, safe, and almost entirely crime-free. The Institute for Economics & Peace Global Peace Index, 2021, sets Kuwait 36 out of 163 countries worldwide, placing the country as being at a high state of peace. It is a safe place to travel to, as crime rates are low, and the chances of foreigners being harmed or attacked in any way are slim. However, due to past events, some people still doubt its safety, which leaves Kuwait with a reputation of being unsafe. But Kuwait is known as a wonderful entry point to the Muslim world and warm Arabian hospitality. 

Kuwait Liberation Day timeline

Freedom at Last

Kuwait gains independence with the end of the British protectorate.

Kuwait is Invaded

Iraqi troops raid Kuwait and begin to bomb Kuwait City.

Operation Desert Storm

The Iraqi forces surrender and the ignorant others are defeated.

A Safe Place

The Institute for Economics & Peace Global Peace Index sets Kuwait 36 out of 163 countries worldwide.

Kuwait Liberation Day FAQs

What language does Kuwait speak?

 Arabic is the official language of Kuwait, but English is a common language. English is used in business, and it is taught as a compulsory second language in schools. It could be used to communicate casually.

Is the Kuwait Liberation Medal real?

It is a 24K gold-plated medal. The service ribbon for the Kuwait Liberation Medal carries a gold-gilt device consisting of crossed swords overlaid over a palm tree. Under the gold-plated medal is a swallow-tailed scroll with its ends folded back and pointed up to follow the silhouette of the gilt medallion. On the scroll is the inscription, ‘LIBERATION OF KUWAIT,’ and then the same inscription above but in Arabic.

Is Kuwait a friendly country?

Kuwait is a friendly country and it is safe. There is no threat of terrorism in Kuwait.

How To Observe Kuwait Liberation Day

  1. Get together with loved ones

    Family and friends get-togethers are common on this day. Public areas such as Messilah Beach and Al-Sha'ab Leisure Park are popular hang-out spots on Kuwait Liberation Day. Kuwaitis honor their country by dressing up in their traditional attires.

  2. Visit Kuwait

    Can you visit Kuwait? If so, you can go there, see the historic places for yourself, visit the museums and have a good time with the locals. If you can't visit, you could always enjoy the festivities from anywhere, outdoors with a Kuwaiti community or even an online live event in Kuwait.

  3. Spread the word

    Help to circulate the word about this day. Enlighten those who might not know about the events and outcomes associated with Kuwait. You could use social media as a platform to reach more audiences and share the right information.

5 Amazing Facts About Kuwait

  1. Kuwait has the sixth largest oil reserve

    Kuwait holds about 104 billion barrels of oil.

  2. They hold the highest currency

    The Kuwait Dinar is the world's highest-valued currency.

  3. Expatriates are 70% of Kuwait's population

    Kuwaitis are a minority in their own country while expats make up most of the country's population.

  4. Home to some of the fattest people

    Kuwait has a large population of obese individuals, about 42.8%.

  5. The name Kuwait means Fort

    ‘Kuwait’ is derived from an Arabic word meaning ‘fort.’

Why Kuwait Liberation Day Is Important

  1. It is a day of reflection

    Kuwait Liberation Day creates a moment to reflect on how lucky we are to live in a country where people live in freedom. We probably do not remember at times the fact that there are several places in the world still held captive.

  2. We commemorate peace and security

    Peaceful societies are unconditionally secure, respect human rights, and handle conflicts and crises constructively and peacefully. When we observe Kuwait Liberation Day, we take part in commemorating peace and security.

  3. We help to create a better future

    We create a better future by coming together to observe Kuwait Liberation Day. And as we unite in constructing a great future for our countries to achieve peace and social equality, we are equally giving hope to other countries still held captive.

Kuwait Liberation Day dates

2025February 26Wednesday
2026February 26Thursday
2027February 26Friday
2028February 26Saturday
2029February 26Monday

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