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ThuFeb 27

Digital Learning Day – February 27, 2025

Digital Learning Day is celebrated annually on the last Thursday of every February. This year, it takes place on February 27. This day is an ongoing initiative led by the Alliance for Excellent Education (All4Ed) to engage students and empower educators through the effective use of digital tools. In particular, the day seeks to highlight and recognize the forward-thinking educators who use technology in innovative ways to strengthen students’ learning experiences. For educators or prospective teachers looking to upskill or earn a degree, there are plenty of education scholarships available at Scholaroo.

History of Digital Learning Day

First initiated in 2012, Digital Learning Day, or DL Day, is a nationwide event dedicated to recognizing and sharing high-quality instruction and future-focused student achievement that integrates technology through innovative and impactful approaches. It’s a day that drives growth, expands educational opportunities, and promotes equity.
The digital revolution has provided unparalleled access to information, and empowered people to do their research, education, and learning. This type of learning that optimizes digital tools, encompasses several different tools and facets to empower students, including online, blended, or hybrid learning and resources.

Digital learning is particularly important, because now more than ever, it is not confined to a school or classroom. Learning is mobile and can happen anywhere, whether a student is at home, at a coffee shop, or in the library. And that learning has to be high-quality, customizable, and accessible for every single student.

The day celebrates the use of digital technology in learning, and in particular, highlights innovative and forward-thinking use of technology for learning in the classroom. It is an opportunity to highlight digital pedagogy and showcase innovative teachers, leaders, and instructional technology programs.

Digital Learning Day timeline

The Beginning of Online Learning

Online learning starts when Donald Blitzer, a laboratory assistant at the University of Illinois, devises PLATO, the very first e-learning system.

Digital Learning in High Schools

Fenwick High School introduces a Digital Learning Initiative for their students, with personal iPads and computers.

Research on Digital Learning

UNICEF launches Innocenti’s digital learning research to investigate the development, implementation, and effectiveness across several countries.

A Rise in Digital Learning Use

Due to the COVID-19 global pandemic that forced most people to stay at home, the use of online mediums for learning reaches an all-time high.

Digital Learning Day FAQs

Why is digital learning important?

Among the many benefits of digital learning include its ability to enhance learning experiences, enable teachers to better tailor learning to student needs, aid in tracking student progress, help save teachers’ time, and provide transparency into the learning process for all stakeholders.

What are digital literacy tools?

Digital literacy tools that are required for learning include laptops, smartphones, tablets, desktop computers, and other devices that connect to the internet for communication. They enable students to engage, express, and collaborate with their teachers and peers.

Are there drawbacks to digital learning?

E-learning is not completely perfect and without some issues. Among the challenges it holds include that it can cause social isolation, lacks essential face-to-face interaction, and can result in low communicational skill development. However, these drawbacks can be well managed.

How to Observe Digital Learning Day

  1. Host your own digital learning event

    With a computer or a smartphone, and a reliable internet connection, you can reach millions of people around the world. Use these tools to create your own avenue for digital learning and invite participants to join.

  2. Share resources to help educators improve

    Available resources for more efficient digital learning include teaching strategies for online special education, Top transcription, and captioning services for online educators, and web accessibility colleges with distance learning needs. Get access to them and share them with others.

  3. Sensitize others on internet safety

    Due to the dangers that are present on the internet, some might be distracted while making use of their digital devices to learn. Highlight these danger zones to make people aware of and know how to avoid them.

5 Facts About Digital Learning That Will Amaze You

  1. It is broad in scope

    Digital learning requires a combination of technology, digital content, and instruction.

  2. It involves several aspects

    It encompasses the application of a wide spectrum of practices, including blended and virtual learning.

  3. Complementary rather than an alternative

    It is only meant to enhance the learning experience rather than replace traditional methods altogether.

  4. It is very flexible

    Digital learning gives students some element of control over time, place, path, and/or pace of learning.

  5. It has main enablers

    Internet technology and electronic devices are the major driving forces.

Why Digital Learning Day is Important

  1. It enhances learning through multiple resources

    Digital learning opens multiple streams of learning sources to people all over the world. It enables anyone and everyone to have access to knowledge.

  2. It saves valuable time

    By removing the time required to commute to a physical learning location, digital learning helps maximize time for learning. With this, more time is created for other important doings.

  3. It removes place and pace limitations

    Through available interactive and adaptive software for learning, students get to learn at their own pace. This also eliminates the boundaries and barriers imposed by physical/on-site learning.

Digital Learning Day dates

2022February 24Thursday
2023February 23Thursday
2024February 29Thursday
2025February 27Thursday
2026February 26Thursday

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