National Tooth Fairy Day – August 22, 2019

Thu Aug 22

Who doesn’t remember the excitement of losing a tooth and waking up in the morning to a little something from the Tooth Fairy?! National Tooth Fairy Day is coming up on August 22 and it’s the time to let the kid in you relive all the fun and folklore! The tradition of a child receiving a gift for a lost tooth can be traced back to medieval Europe. The practice was particularly prevalent in Scandinavia and England. The idea of a “tooth fairy, however, did not come about until the 20thcentury. The myth is comforting for many children, who often experience pain or fear when losing a tooth. It can be fun for parents as well to observe the innocence and trusting nature of a child. The “tooth” is whether young or old, we all love the idea of a fairy leaving us a small gift in exchange for a lost tooth.

National Tooth Fairy Day - History


Silver Screen Fairy

"The Tooth Fairy" movie debuts starring Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson as titular character


Fairy Takes The Stage

Watkins Arnold’s 1927 play for children, "The Tooth Fairy," debuts


A Fairy Is Born

The earliest reference to the Tooth Fairy appears in a Chicago Daily Tribune "Household Hints" column

National Tooth Fairy Day Activities

  1. Prepare for a visit from the Tooth Fairy

    If you know a kid that happens to lose a tooth with incredible timing on National Tooth Fairy Day, help them prepare for a visit from the tooth fairy! Tell them about the legend, help them hide tooth for the fairy to find, and “ensure” that the fairy does indeed make a visit. Go ahead, be a kid again!

  2. Watch a movie or read a book

    There are dozens of books about the tooth fairy. Make a trip to your local library and check out a few. Read them with your child or an important kid in your life. Prefer to watch a movie? No problem! "The Tooth Fairy" and its sequel are great for the whole family! There is also a scary movie of the same name for when there are no children around!

  3. Take care of your teeth!

    This is something most of us do every day, but we all slack from time to time. Maybe you could be a little better about flossing (couldn’t we all?). Make Tooth Fairy Daythe day you dig out that floss and make those pearly whites sparkle. If you have children, educate them about proper oral hygiene. Make sure the dentist never has to say, “You’re bleeding because you don’t floss” ever again!

Why We Love National Tooth Fairy Day

  1. Excitement in children

    Children love the excitement of waking up to a gift from a fairy in exchange for a lost tooth. It’s a fun myth, who wouldn’t love it!? It’s just as fun for parents and adults as well. Participating in the fun and watching the pure joy little kids exude is wonderful. The fun for both parents and children is akin to Santa Claus at Christmas and we all love it!

  2. The fun of folklore

    Everyone loves a good story. Fairies are common in myths and legends in many parts of the world and they have enthralled us for centuries. The mystery and magic captivate kids and adults alike. It’s fun to tap into the kid in us and believe in and listen to these magical stories.

  3. It makes losing a tooth less painful

    Losing a tooth is scary when you’re a little kid, but when you know it means waking up to some money or a small gift, it seems worth it. The idea of the Tooth Fairy helps kids cope with what could otherwise be a scary experience for them and a difficult one for parents. Thanks Tooth Fairy, we owe ya’ one.

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