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ThuAug 22

Never Bean Better Day – August 22, 2024

Never Bean Better Day is on August 22, and it gives us the perfect opportunity to enjoy and spread some Bean ‘wuv’ with our canine companions and others. By loving us unconditionally to being our listening ears and cuddle buddies, our furry friends have always upheld their reputable position as man’s best friend, and are ever ready to be our life-long companions. Registered therapy dogs like Bean, share their ‘wuv’ at hospitals, schools, reading programs, behavioral therapy group sessions, domestic violence, and homeless shelters, long-term care and Alzheimer’s units, and anyone else who is in need of an emotional facelift.

History of Never Bean Better Day

Dogs have rapidly grown to be essential members of the household and community at large. We love them for their companionship, never-ending love, not to mention they make the best cuddle buddies and look incredibly adorable while at it.

Alongside companionship, dogs are useful for so many other essential parts of human livelihood. Our canine friends can be trained as guard dogs, hunting dogs, police dogs, guide dogs for the blind, and even therapy dogs as well. However, today we are particularly emphasizing one of the functional attributes of dogs — their therapeutic quality.

Bean is a celebrity canine, who is best known for his canine chatter and ‘woo woo,’ and has made several appearances on shows, fundraisers, and even quoted in “The Wall Street Journal.” Bean grew up to be a registered therapy dog in a loving Golden Retriever home and was named Neversink’s Never Bean Better at birth. Since then, he has been spreading his ‘wuv’ at hospitals, rehab centers, long-term care facilities, and schools across the U.S. since 2011. He is one of the casts of the infamous Facebook page, “Never Bean Better” alongside his canine and human brothers and sisters, where they constantly spread the Bean ‘wuv’ worldwide. Bean’s cartoon character that has appeared throughout the Facebook page, and in the form of coloring pages shared with sick children and patients of memory care units, was the muse for the Never Bean Better toy dog.

August 22 is a special day set aside to appreciate the renowned therapy dog, and the unconditional love of all our canine friends. This is the perfect day to reciprocate and share the ‘wuv’ of our best canine companions.

Never Bean Better Day timeline

Bean is Born

Neversink’s Never Bean Better is born in Morgantown, Pennsylvania on August 22.

Therapy Dog

Bean becomes a registered therapy dog at the age of two.

Presidential Dog

Bean becomes a member of the Presidential Canine Party, making a cross-country tour during the presidential election.

Never Bean Better Day FAQs

Is Never Bean Better Day a real thing?

Never Bean Better Day is a real day of the year, dedicated to celebrating and sharing the unconditional love of our canine companions and pets in general.

What are therapy pets?

Therapy pets are animals that visit hospitals, retirement homes, hospice centers, nursing homes, and schools to help individuals dealing with mental, emotional, and even physical distress.

What is Never Bean Better?

Never Bean Better is actually not a what, but a who. Bean is a celebrity dog and a registered pet therapist that has toured and spread love across schools, hospitals, and retirement homes in the U.S.

Never Bean Better Day Activities

  1. Share the Bean ‘wuv’

    The best way to celebrate puppy love is by showing it yourself. Take some time out today to spread some love and kindness to anyone who needs it, especially to and with your canine friend.

  2. Follow the Never Been Better tail

    You can follow Bean’s tail across all social media platforms and on their website as well @neverbeenbetter or @neverbeenbetterwoowoo. You can purchase one of their products or, even join the fun by using the hashtags #beanwuv #NeverBeanBetterDay or #neverbeanbetter.

  3. Go to a dog park

    When was the last time you visited your local dog park? Today will be the perfect day to take your dog to the dog park, play around and engage in several fun-loving activities with them. If you don’t have a pet, today will still be a great day to show other pets love or adopt one from a local shelter.

5 Important Facts About Therapy Pets

  1. Therapy dogs are as old as World War II

    Therapy dogs were used as early as WWII to boost the spirit of recovering soldiers with P.T.S.D.

  2. They ease mental and emotional disorders

    The simple act of petting or even being around a pet can reduce mental and emotional disorders such as anxiety, depression, stress, and even lower our blood pressure and heart rate.

  3. Fish tanks in doctor’s offices

    Fish tanks are quite prevalent in waiting rooms because studies have shown that watching fish can actually calm people down, slow heart rates, lower blood pressure, and reduce anxiety and muscle tension.

  4. Some therapy animals start out in prison

    Certain programs pair up inmates with budding assistance dogs, to train these dogs under the guidance of a professional dog trainer — and in doing so, learn skills to assist in their own rehabilitation.

  5. They can help kids with learning disabilities

    Children with learning disabilities can often feel self-conscious when learning to read aloud, but reading to a dog can give them an avenue to do so without fear of being judged for their mistakes.

Why We Love Never Bean Better Day

  1. It highlights the importance of therapy and pets in therapy

    Therapy is an essential part of our emotional and mental development as humans. Never Bean Better day emphasizes that, and even more so, how essential our pets can be in the entire process as well.

  2. The love always overflows

    Never Bean Better Day is a celebration of unconditional love from our dogs and pets in general. This gives us a reason to appreciate, reciprocate and share that love with them and others around us as well.

  3. It is a great reason to adopt a pet

    What better day is there to get a new pet than the Never Bean Better Day? There are so many pets out there, stray or not, in need of a new home. If you needed a sign to get a pet, this is it.

Never Bean Better Day dates

2024August 22Thursday
2025August 22Friday
2026August 22Saturday
2027August 22Sunday
2028August 22Tuesday

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