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ThuAug 22

National Bao Day – August 22, 2024

National Bao Day is celebrated on August 22 every year. It’s a day to savor the deliciousness of the famed dumpling. It’s also a day dedicated to learn more about the bao, also known as ‘baozi’ or ‘hot Asian buns,’ and the culture that surrounds them. Do you know that baos come in a variety of tastes and fillings, such as pork, veggies, sweet custard, chocolate, Chinese sausage, and more?

History of National Bao Day

The bao or ‘baozi’ is a kind of dumpling that originated in China. It is safe to say that baozi evolved from the word ‘mantou,’ which was used as an all-inclusive expression for buns.

The beginnings of ‘mantou’ are largely tied to the military leader Zhuge Liang, who is believed to have invented the buns. Bao later came to become the word used for filled buns, while ‘mantou’ remained the word for unfilled buns.

Bao takes root in Asia first, then spreads to other regions of the globe. Since 2003, when Wow Boa established their first restaurant in Chicago, baozi has grown in prominence in the United States. Since then, bao has captivated a large number of people. It has a wide range of filling options, making it appealing to a wide range of people.

Wow Bao has over 200 locations across the United States. They provide both physical and virtual services, allowing them to reach a wider audience. Wow Bao, by the way, was the one who started National Bao Day.

People have turned to the holiday as a reason to satisfy their appetites for the delectable bao. The rich Chinese tradition behind the popular dumpling is celebrated on National Bao Day.

We test out the many different fillings available with a sense of excitement and discovery. Even if we only ate different bao tastes and fillings, it’s unlikely that we’d never become bored.

Even vegetarians who prefer not to consume meat can enjoy the variety of fillings. Similarly, when it comes to bao, you have a plethora of healthful options.

National Bao Day timeline

400 B.C.
Earlier Variations of Bao

The evolution of bao dates back to this time period.

100 A.D.
‘Baozi’ is Used as a Term

The term ‘baozi’ becomes the main expression for filled buns.

The First Wow Bao Restaurant

The first Wow Bao Restaurant opens in Chicago, making the bao a popular food.

National Bao Day is Instituted

Wow Bao pushes for a holiday to celebrate the popularity of bao and National Boa Day is established.

National Bao Day FAQs

Can you make your own bao at home?

The making of bao requires special techniques. But you can master them in no time.

Who should celebrate National Bao Day?

Everyone can celebrate National Bao Day, including children.

Is there a vegan choice for bao?

Yes, there’s a variety of vegan options.

National Bao Day Activities

  1. Visit your favorite restaurant

    Go to your local restaurant and enjoy one or two — or maybe three different flavors of bao.

  2. Make your own bao

    Invite your friends over, and watch the tutorials on the internet. Then, make your own bao, and as many dumplings as you can.

  3. Learn more about other cultures

    There's always the possibility of discovering new joys along the route.

5 Fun Facts About Bao

  1. Dumpling with several fillings

    With bao, there is a wide range of flavors and fillings.

  2. It is more than a snack

    Because they are so nutritious, 'baozis' are eaten as a whole meal

  3. There's a vegan choice

    It is easy to get and make your own vegan-themed bao.

  4. These dumplings are carefully made

    It is a matter of honor to be able to make a good bao.

  5. Wow Bao’ made bao popular

    Wow bao has more than 200 restaurants across the U.S.

Why We Love National Bao Day

  1. Bao is fun to make

    Trying to create your own bao is an adventure. But it's also a lot of fun and satisfying.

  2. Different types of fillings

    We won't mind three different baos for the day. With different fillings each time, there's always the appetite.

  3. Enjoy a good time

    On National Bao Day, we can have a good time with our families and also go to a restaurant and enjoy the holiday.

National Bao Day dates

2024August 22Thursday
2025August 22Friday
2026August 22Saturday
2027August 22Sunday
2028August 22Tuesday

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