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Folklore Day – August 22, 2024

Brazi’s Folklore Day is celebrated on August 22 every year. The holiday, known as ‘Dia do Folclore,’ is an annual celebration of Brazil’s rich heritage and folk tradition. Countries across the world selected the date of this holiday to celebrate their country’s folk traditions. With dances and stories, the day serves as a means to raise awareness about the folkloric traditions of the country. Brazilian folklore has similarities to the folklore of several regions worldwide — Africa, Asia, and Europe. On this day, people get together for folk festivities to celebrate the unique culture of Brazil.

History of Folklore Day

The term ‘folklore’ was first coined on August 22, 1846, when William John Thoms combined the words ‘folk’ and ‘lore.’ He defined the word as the “traditional knowledge of a people.” Because of this, countries worldwide chose to celebrate their folklore and folk traditions on August 22 every year.

The Brazilian Folklore Day was established through a decree in 1965 by then military leader Humberto de Alencar Castello Branco. The decree placed immense importance on the teaching of folklore to the country’s culture. Thus, Folklore Day was established as a means to preserve the cultural traditions of the Latin American country and encourage Brazilian folklore as a subject of study. Folklore is considered a topic of great importance within the education sphere, especially in a child’s early years of schooling.

On this day, the people of Brazil remember aspects of their folklore, ranging from dance to characters. The traditional legends of Brazilian folklore include the ‘Saci’ and the ‘Curupira.’ Brazilian folklore is a rich tradition that arose from indigenous, African, and Asian peoples’ cultures and a few European influences. The importance of folklore has even been enshrined in the Brazilian constitution. Articles 215 and 216 of the Federal Constitution guard the right of all Brazilians to “exercise cultural manifestations and define that Brazilian popular culture must be encouraged and that its preservation must be defended.”

Folklore Day timeline

‘Folklore’ Becomes a Word

William John Thoms coins the term ‘folklore’ on August 22, 1846.

Folklore Day by decree

The Brazilian government decrees the establishment of Folklore Day on August 17, 1965.

First Folklore Day

The first Folklore Day is celebrated on August 22, 1965.

The Federal Constitution Enacted

The importance of folklore is enshrined in the Federal Constitution of Brazil.

Folklore Day FAQs

What is an example of folklore?

Folklore refers to stories, music, or characters unique to a particular country or area. For example, “Goldilocks and the Three Bears” is a British folklore story, and “The White Elephant” is a folktale from Asia.

Why is it called folklore?

The word ‘folklore’ consists of the words ‘folk’ and ‘lore,’ dating back to 1846. ‘Folk’ refers to a community of people, and ‘lore’ means learning or knowledge.

What is the purpose of folklore?

The purpose of folklore is to provide historical information regarding the origins of a group of people.

Folklore Day Activities

  1. Read Brazilian folktales and legends

    Brazilian Folklore Day is meant to honor the folktales and legends of the country. Spend the day reading some Brazilian legends and folktales.

  2. Look up Brazilian folk art

    Brazil has a rich folklore culture. Do some research on folk art that forms an integral part of Brazilian culture.

  3. Draw and paint folklore characters

    If you’ve read about the legends, and are so inclined, paint a picture depicting your favorite scenes or characters. We promise you’ll have a lot of fun!

5 Facts About Brazil

  1. First human settlement

    Recent archeological evidence shows that the earliest human settlements in Brazil were about 30,000 years ago.

  2. Etymology

    The Brazil tree is the country’s namesake.

  3. Fifth-largest country

    Brazil is the fifth-largest country in the world by landmass.

  4. Abolishing slavery

    Brazil was the last country in North and South America to abolish slavery.

  5. World’s largest carnival

    Brazil hosts the world’s largest carnival, ‘Carnaval do Rio de Janeiro,’ held annually in March.

Why We Love Folklore Day

  1. It celebrates folk culture

    The folklore of Brazil is integral to its culture. The day celebrates folklore’s role in shaping Brazil into the country it is today.

  2. The festivities are fun

    Brazilian Folklore Day festivities are fun and very often beautiful. Folklore Day allows us to witness them and perhaps even join in.

  3. An excuse to explore folktales and legends

    Brazil’s folklore is rich and vibrant. The day allows us to immerse ourselves in this tradition for a while.

Folklore Day dates

2024August 22Thursday
2025August 22Friday
2026August 22Saturday
2027August 22Sunday
2028August 22Tuesday

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