World Plant Milk Day – August 22, 2019

Thu Aug 22

Do your body good and do the world good — now that’s a winning combo. Plant milk is a good, sustainable alternative to dairy milk. It safely provides your body key nutrients and minerals, giving you the strength and endurance that will allow you live your life to the fullest. By avoiding dairy milk, you help eliminate cruelty to animals and massively decrease global warming. On August 22, celebrate National World Plant Milk Day and raise a glass toasting to the health of both yourself and the world we live in.

World Plant Milk Day - History

July 2015

Almond milk sues

Almond Milk filed a class action lawsuit against two American competitors, Blue Diamond Growers and White Wave Foods, for false advertising on the product label about the small amount of almonds — the case was thrown out.


Almond Milk becomes number 1

Almond milk surpassed soy milk as the most popular plant-based milk in the U.S.


Almond milk explodes

Almond milk sales increased by 79% in 2011 alone.


The FDA says soy can lower cholestral

The FDA ruled that 25 grams of soy protein a day could reduce cholesterol and the risk of heart disease.


Coconut milk's horticultural benefits discovered

Horticulturalists discover that coconut milk can help other plants grow.

World Plant Milk Day Activities

  1. Head to the market

    With the range of dairy free products continuing to grow, it has never been easier to integrate plant milk into your diet. Try buying multiple flavors and seeing which ones are your favorite!

  2. Apply the “plant milk theory” to other dairy

    Incorporate the “plant milk theme” of personal and global health into other dairy products, such as cheese. With countless recipes and cookbooks available, it’s easier than ever to make vegan cheese at home. Most recipes require only a few ingredients, and it’s doable to make everything from soft, spreadable cheeses, to harder, aged varieties.

  3. Go for a walk

    Take time to recognize your own health and the beauty of the world you’re helping along the way in the easiest form – simply get out into the world, take a deep breathe of fresh air, and embrace the home that gives us so much.

Facts That Prove Almond Milk Is King

  1. Almond milk is religious

    In the Middle Ages, almond milk was known in both the Islamic world and Christendom as a nut (the "fruit of a plant"), and is considered suitable for consumption during Lent.

  2. Almond Milk sues

    In 2015, Almond Milk engaged Blue Diamond and WhiteWave Foods' Silk, popular American competitors, in a class-action lawsuit alleging false advertising that mislead consumers into believing that the products contained more than the 2% almonds they actually contained. The judge denied the request for an injunction.

  3. Almond milk is protected by the government

    Within the Italian regions of Sicily, Apulia, Calabria, and Campania, almond milk is a protected traditional agricultural product.

  4. Almond milk is not for infants

    Despite its many health advantages, almond milk does not have as high a protein content as breast milk, cow’s milk, or hydrolyzed formulas, and therefore is not a suitable replacement for children under two years of age.

  5. Almond milk likes the golden state

    The majority of American almonds are grown in the state of California.

Why We Love World Plant Milk Day

  1. The world thrives with less dairy

    Cow milk is near-ubiquitous, but animal agriculture also leads to major pollution and greenhouse gas emissions. This drives climate change—meaning if we replace some of our cow milk with plant milk, we're doing our planet a great favor.

  2. It’s healthy — plain and simple

    Plant milk provides a long list of health benefits, including calcium, and a low sugar and calorie count. In addition, plant milk does not contain IFG-1 (a growth hormone given to cows) which has been linked to the growth of cancer cells.

  3. It’s tasty

    Plant milk comes in multiple options ranging from soy, almond, cashew, and rice, to oat, hemp, flax, and coconut. With an abundance of different tastes, you're sure to find one your tongue will love.