Batman Day – September 21, 2019

Sat Sep 21

This September 21 you don’t have to be a citizen of Gotham to celebrate Batman Day. That’s right, everyone’s favorite hero, The Dark Knight, has his own day and rightfully so. Time and time again, Batman ranks as one of the most recognizable comic book heroes the world round. Even if you’ve never picked up a comic in your life, Batman’s popularity in pop culture is undeniable. From comics, to television, to the silver screen, over the years Batman has proven he is the hero we not only deserve but the one we absolutely need!

Batman Day Activities

  1. Start with the classics

    If the only place you know Batman from is the Christopher Nolan movies, you’re missing out! Sure the movies are great and all, but the best way to experience Batman’s countless adventures is where they all started, on the comic book page! Back in the day, it was difficult to get your hands on some of Batman’s most popular comics, but now, thanks to sites like, you can get your hands on some of DC’s rarest Batman comics in digital form.

  2. Remember the 60s

    Nowadays it’s popular to portray Batman as a dark and haunted character who lurks in the shadows, but back in the 60s, Batman was good old campy fun. The 1966 television series starring Adam West lasted for three seasons and even spawned a movie. Why not spend this year’s Batman Day binge-watching everyone’s favorite bat-broadcast from the swinging 60s?

  3. Dust off the old cowl

    All those youtube videos can’t be wrong. Dressing up as Batman is not only an acceptable thing to do in public, but it’s celebrated. If those Bat-Dad videos have taught us anything, people can’t get enough of guy or gal dressed up as everyone’s favorite crime-fighter. So go ahead! Don that cape and head to the office. You’ll be everyone’s hero!

Why We Love Batman Day

  1. He proves you don’t need superpowers to make a difference

    In a world where super powered meta-humans are the norm, Batman proves that the most important ability a hero can possess is an unstoppable need to do what’s right. From the death of his parents to the countless obstacles he has encountered, he never gives up. Even when he’s been literally snapped in half, the one thing you can’t break is his will.

  2. He has all those wonderful toys

    Don’t get us wrong, even unbreakable will needs some help sometimes and Batman comes equipped with an array of gadgets to get him out of any predicament. Most people are familiar with his signature Batarang or grappling gun, but the entirety of Batman’s gear would most likely fill up even the roomiest of Batcaves. From the amazing to the absurd, Batman has a tool for every trouble imaginable.

  3. Because he has flaws

    What draws people to Batman the most is that just like you and I, he’s a human who makes mistakes. Sure, Clayface and The Joker may give him a run for his money, but at the end of the day, Batman’s inner demons prove to be his greatest challenge. Batman reminds us that even the most strong-willed of us are fallible and must hold themselves accountable for their actions.

Batman Day dates
2019September 21Saturday
2020September 21Monday
2021September 21Tuesday
2022September 21Wednesday
2023September 21Thursday