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Queso Dip
FriSep 20

National Queso Day – September 20, 2024

Almost any cheese lover will tell you that the world got a little better the day that chili con queso dip got invented. Chili con queso, or “queso,” for short, is a delicious cheese dip that finds a home in a great deal of Tex-Mex cooking.

Queso originates from Chihuahua, a state located in the north of Mexico. There’s a good chance you won’t find a whole lot of the kind of queso dip that we know and love offered up at restaurants in Mexico, but restaurants all throughout the U.S. serve up this delectable vat of cheesy goodness.

National Queso Day timeline

Tex-Mex arrives in San Antonio, Texas​

​Queso is a beloved Tex-Mex food. The first modern Tex-Mex establishment popped up in San Antonio, Texas thanks to Otis Farnsworth.

Velveeta was invented​

Using Velveeta to make queso dip is an American tradition. Although it didn't gain popularity until later, Velveeta first made its debut in this year. ​

"Little Mexico" serves up the first queso...maybe​

​The exact origin of chili con queso is highly disputed, but one restaurant in Arkansas, "Little Mexico," claims to be the first establishment to serve up our beloved cheese dip.

Velveeta featured in queso recipe​

The idea of using Velveeta to make queso was published in a cookbook.​

National Queso Day Activities

  1. Go out for queso

    Round up a group of friends and head down to your favorite Mexican restaurant. Queso is great any time of the day, but we suggest indulging in this tasty treat during Happy Hour. Queso tastes delicious by itself and it tends to taste even better paired with a nice, cold margarita!

  2. Try making a new queso recipe

    If you always stick to making the recipe found on the back of a very famous box of processed cheese, why not branch out a little? By browsing through some cookbooks, or doing a quick search online, you are sure to come across some new and exciting queso recipes that are worth giving a shot.

  3. Score some free queso

    There are more than a few restaurants throughout the United States that offer free queso on September 20. Do your homework ahead of time and you might just find that you can score some cheese dip goodness for free on National Queso Day.

​4 Queso Dips You Need To Try "ahora"

  1. Why not combine two favorites: fajitas and queso?

    Two of the most beloved menu items at a Tex-Mex restaurant are fajitas and queso dip; combine the two by finding a recipe for chicken fajita queso dip. ​

  2. Lactose free?

    The internet is filled with some amazing vegan, cashew-based queso recipes that taste just as good as melted cheese. ​

  3. ​Get a little more authentic with queso fundido

    Queso fundido — a stringy, delicious pile of cheese melted on a hot griddle — is often served at restaurants and gatherings throughout Mexcio.

  4. Queso con wings

    Believe it or not, many people insist that one of the best bowls of queso dip is served up at Buffalo Wild Wings. ​

Why We Love National Queso Day

  1. Queso is delicious

    Salsa and guacamole are great, but sometimes we just want a warm bowl of cheese to dip our tortilla chips in. Just daydreaming about all of that hot, melted cheese makes our mouths water!

  2. Everyone makes queso a little differently

    It doesn't matter if we're all using the same recipe — it always seems as if each person makes queso differently. Maybe you add more spice, or perhaps your queso always turns out nice and thick while your friend's cheese dip often turns into a runny mess. Personally, we've never met a queso we haven't liked.

  3. It's easy to make

    Sitting in a Mexican restaurant and ordering a steaming bowl of queso is one of life's greatest pleasures, but that shouldn't stop you from making queso at home whenever the craving strikes. Although some queso recipes can get pretty extravagant, you can make a pretty kick-butt bowl of queso just by melting some cheese and throwing in a couple of spices.

National Queso Day dates

2024September 20Friday
2025September 20Saturday
2026September 20Sunday
2027September 20Monday
2028September 20Wednesday

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