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International Red Panda Day
SatSep 21

International Red Panda Day – September 21, 2024

Every year, International Red Panda Day is celebrated on the third Saturday in September — September 21 this year — to spread awareness regarding yet another species that is near extinction. The day was launched by the Red Panda Network in 2010, and the first international red Panda day was celebrated in September that very year. Since then, the need to continue honoring the day has only increased due to global warming and climate change. Want to be a part of the cause? All you have to do is celebrate this international day and do all that you can to play a positive role in the conservation of the species.

History of International Red Panda Day

Red Pandas are adorable creatures that reside in the Eastern Himalayas region of the world. This includes places like China, Nepal, and Bhutan. Unfortunately, like hundreds of other animals on Earth, this species also faces a threat of extinction soon. Why, you ask? Because of mankind, of course! Humans have caused such environmental degradation that red pandas who reside in bamboo trees, don’t find any trees they can nest in. Other human activities that have threatened the survival of this species include poaching, habitat destruction, and trafficking. In fact, red panda fur is also trafficked to produce hats and clothing. Due to these factors, red pandas are “legally protected in India, Bhutan, China, Nepal, and Myanmar” according to a report. Another report that focuses on the conservation of animals highlighted the problem of decreasing red pandas to be “poor conservation awareness and weak law enforcement.”

The Himalayas, where the red pandas mostly, reside also provides a weak law and order situation for the protection of the species, hence, the animal is often hunted. Most importantly, the Nepalese government doesn’t have sufficient funds to research how the species can be saved. This is why the IUCN Red List classifies red pandas as ‘endangered.’ One such organization that is constantly working for the red pandas includes WWF.

Need to find out more about the exquisite creature? Here is some information that might be of interest. Red pandas are not related to giant pandas at all and are as small as a house cat. According to the Red Panda Network, the animal helps to keep the ecosystem vibrant.

International Red Panda Day timeline

The Great Discovery

Red pandas are discovered.

The Red Flag

Red pandas become endangered.

Sweet News

Researchers find out that red pandas like artificial sugar.

New Arrivals

The red pandas arrive at Drusillas Park.

International Red Panda Day FAQs

What is a red panda's natural habitat?

The natural habitat for red pandas includes areas like the Eastern Himalayas in places like China, Nepal, and Bhutan.

What eats red pandas?

Red pandas are eaten by predators such as the snow leopard and occasionally Martens.

Are red pandas rare?

Yes. There are less than 10,000 red pandas in the wild today.

How to Celebrate International Red Panda Day

  1. Spread the message

    Spread the message about the extinction and importance of red pandas and how people can save them. The more, the merrier.

  2. Donate to charities focused on conservation

    While you speak about saving the species, also donate a certain amount to charities that are bent on creating an environment where red pandas can survive and breed.

  3. Share on social media

    Share information, posts, and news regarding red pandas on social media. The idea behind the day is to spread awareness regarding the species.

5 Fun Facts About Red Pandas

  1. Carnivores that eat plants

    Red pandas are carnivores that love bamboo shoots.

  2. Breeding age

    Females stop breeding after age 12.

  3. Love for the cold

    Red pandas are fond of snow.

  4. They are mostly asleep

    They spend 55% of their day sleeping.

  5. Other names

    Red pandas are also called bear-cat, firefox, and Himalayan raccoon.

Why International Red Panda Day is Important

  1. It spreads information about red pandas

    The day is essential since it provides knowledge and information regarding red pandas — a species that numerous people aren’t even aware of.

  2. It talks about why they are near extinction

    The day discusses why red pandas are near extinction and how they can be saved if we all put in an extra effort.

  3. It discusses why they need to be saved

    On this day, numerous organizations highlight the repercussions of a species going extinct from the planet and why red pandas must be saved.

International Red Panda Day dates

2023September 16Saturday
2024September 21Saturday
2025September 20Saturday
2026September 19Saturday
2027September 18Saturday

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