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Puppy Mill Awareness Day
SatSep 21

Puppy Mill Awareness Day – September 21, 2024

Celebrated on the third Saturday of September, September 21 this year, Puppy Mill Awareness Day aims to encourage dog lovers to adopt dogs instead of shopping for them. This is done by giving an insight into the cruel conditions faced by dogs in puppy mills. Yes, dog breeders at puppy mills don’t care about how the dog is raised, how healthy it is, and also ignores the basics needs such as the necessity of an open and clean space. Most importantly, dogs at puppy mills are deprived of love and instead, solely treated like baby-making machines. What is our fault in this? Well, we buy puppies from unreliable places and contribute to the torture of dogs whether we like it or not. This year, you can make a difference. Now is the time to adopt and save lives.

History of Puppy Mill Awareness Day

Those who love dogs, can’t even imagine a pup and its parents living in a small, dark, and dirty cage. They can’t move or play, they just have to perform the role of giving birth. This is the reality of puppy mills. In large mills, thousands of cages of dogs are stacked upon each other. None of these dogs are happy or healthy. But have you ever wondered how such a ruthless trend of breeding dogs started?

The popularity of puppy mills took off after World War II when thousands of families were suffering due to crop failure, and some other thousands had enough money to start a life with a family, a house, a backyard, and a dog. Yes, purebred dogs were a status symbol and a commodity that was a must-have for people residing in the suburbs. And as the law of economics states, where there is demand, there will be supply. When the farmers who had faced losses while growing crops became aware of this demand, they decided to start a new business – puppy mills. In fact, the USDA even promoted puppy mills by advertising that it was a lucrative business. And when the government was supportive, it wasn’t a surprise that more farmers started to get into the puppy business. By the mid-1960s, a home was incomplete without a dog.

Today, the USDA estimates that there are between 2,000-3,000 federally licensed commercial breeding facilities in the U.S. The Humane Society of the United States (HSUS), on the other hand, estimates around 176,088 dogs are kept for breeding at USDA licensed facilities, and approximately 2.15 million puppies are sold each year. Many of these puppies are sold via the Internet.

Puppy Mill Awareness Day timeline

Playing Detective

The Humane Society of the United States investigates breeding kennels.

Open Secret

An exposé reveals that an upscale Los Angeles pet store that sells to celebrities obtains its puppies from puppy mills.

Pup Talk

The magazine Pet Business publishes articles that make purchasing a puppy from a pet store taboo.

Closing Doors

The second-largest puppy broker, Lambriar, Inc. closes down.

Puppy Mill Awareness Day FAQs

How do you spot a puppy mill or puppy mill ad?

Puppy mill ads are those that have numerous pure-bred dogs available and sold in less than six weeks.

How many dogs die from puppy mills?

Around two million dogs die in puppy mills each year. This is because the breeding animals who can no longer reproduce are killed.

Do pet store puppies come from puppy mills?

Most of them do. They can be easily spotted with their health issues and poor genetics. 

How to Celebrate Puppy Mill Awareness Day

  1. Adopt a pet

    What better way to fight against the puppy business than by adopting a pup of your own? Make sure you spread the message so others can follow your lead.

  2. Donate money

    Don’t have the time to take care of a pup? Simply donate an amount just so you can help the ones who are suffering.

  3. Organize a fundraiser

    To make a big difference with a large amount of money, organize a fundraiser or a charity event to raise money for our furry pals.

5 Fun Facts About Puppies

  1. No teeth

    Newborn puppies don’t have teeth.

  2. The color changes

    The color of the puppy’s coat changes with age.

  3. The largest litter ever

    24 puppies were born in the U.K. in 2004 to a Neapolitan mastiff.

  4. Sleeping the day away

    Puppies sleep around 15 to 20 hours a day.

  5. Puppies help you focus

    Japanese researchers found out that looking at puppies improves focus.

Why Puppy Mill Awareness Day is Important

  1. Spreads awareness regarding puppy mills

    The day spreads awareness regarding how dirty the business of puppy mills is and the number of dogs that lose their lives since many of us continue to buy dogs.

  2. Teaches people to adopt dogs

    Since buying a dog is always risky, it is better to adopt and give life to a loving furry friend. This is one of the important messages that the day encourages.

  3. Helps collect funds

    Due to the day and the awareness it spreads, many people provide funds to end the puppy mill business and ensure that the homeless dogs are well taken care of.

Puppy Mill Awareness Day dates

2022September 17Saturday
2023September 16Saturday
2024September 21Saturday
2025September 20Saturday
2026September 19Saturday

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