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FriSep 20

National Care For Kids Day – September 20, 2024

National Care for Kids Day, which takes place on September 20, is a great occasion to build a better environment for our children. The day aims to encourage our communities to understand how different aspects of life can affect their adulthood and entire future. For instance, a child that grows up in a violent atmosphere, constantly seeing the parents fighting, is more likely to be aggressive as an adult. While others, in such an environment, often face problems with depression. That is why the importance of caring for a child’s mind, body, and soul is highlighted in this day.

History of National Care For Kids Day

National Care for Kids Day was founded in 2021 by the Designetics Cares Foundation to give a voice to children and the numerous problems they suffer. While the foundation is technology-based and recognized for the development of fluid applicators, the proclamation of the day by the firm was an effort to leave a positive impact on the lives of future generations. The day is essential since we must make numerous efforts to provide appropriate care to the kids of our community.

First and foremost, a child’s mental health is crucial. That means the environment should be the safest possible, where the individuals around them care about their opinions. Other factors that affect the development of children include health, education, and access to basic facilities, such as clean water and sanitation.

In addition, the justice system should also work toward protecting children from verbal and physical abuse. Furthermore, we should also ensure children grow up to be motivated individuals by exposing them to books, art, and sports at a young age. All these aspects are crucial for the care of kids since they are the leading causes of their health and personal development. Believe it or not, these efforts can help build a society and are some of the most important factors that differentiate a developing nation from a developed country.

National Care For Kids Day timeline

For The Kids

Model Day Nursery is set up in the World’s Columbian Exhibition in Chicago.

1933 — 1934
Need For Schools

Nearly 3,000 schools are set up.

Taxing Job

Congress introduces the child care tax deduction.

For The Love

Activists form a national organization devoted exclusively to child care.

National Care For Kids Day FAQs

What is child care?

Child care includes the professional supervision of children.

Why is care important for a child?

It is essential since children reciprocate the respect and love they receive.

What’s another word for child care?

Daycare or kindergarten.

How to Observe National Care For Kids Day

  1. Donate to a hospital

    To observe the day, donate to a hospital that looks after children with diseases and has quality healthcare. You can also contribute to organizations trying to find a cure for rare diseases.

  2. Fund a child’s education

    Many children across the globe don’t have access to good education, suffering their entire lives. Fund the schooling of such a child and change one's future.

  3. Give charity

    Don’t trust hospitals or organizations with your hard-earned money? Step into a struggling neighborhood in your city and provide food and clothing to the needy kids.

5 Facts About Children

  1. Effects of bullying

    Bullying can leave an impact that can go on till middle age.

  2. Learning life skills

    Playing is an essential form of teaching children important skills.

  3. Impact of watching T.V.

    Research reveals that infants that watch T.V. have poor language development.

  4. Memory development

    Information is stored in the memory from age seven.

  5. Calories needed by a five-year-old

    A child of this age weighing 44 pounds requires 860 calories a day.

Why National Care For Kids Day is Important

  1. It improves the lives of children

    We love the day because the message it carries aids in improving the lives of millions of children. There are several aspects of child care that many parents don’t know — conversing on the topic helps.

  2. It helps people focus on their health and education

    National Care For Kids Day is important since it shows why education and access to quality healthcare are a necessity for children. The choices you make in their infant years can make or break their future.

  3. It increases charity

    Due to the information that goes out to the masses on this day, charities that work on improving the lives of children experience a sudden boost in the funds received. The money is used on healthcare, daycare, education, etc.

National Care For Kids Day dates

2024September 20Friday
2025September 20Saturday
2026September 20Sunday
2027September 20Monday
2028September 20Wednesday

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