Wildlife Holidays

From the smallest ant to the biggest whale, Earth filled with so many diverse kids of animals. We mustn’t forget that we share our neighborhoods, lands, and oceans with them. With over 27 different holidays to explore on our calendars, you can help spread awareness for these awesome animals. You can start with National Penguin Day near the beginning of the year on January 20, and end the year celebrating our primate pals with National Monkey Day on December 14. Showing love to our pets is just the start, join us in spreading the good vibes to all the others out there in the animal kingdom.

National Bird Day, ,
National Penguin Day
National Squirrel Appreciation Day,
Groundhog Day,
National Hedgehog Day
International Polar Bear Day,
World Wildlife Day,
National Panda Day, ,
World Migratory Bird Day,
National Endangered Species Day, ,
World Environment Day, , , , ,
National Go Fishing Day, ,
National American Eagle Day, , ,
​National Wildlife Day
National Elephant Appreciation Day
World Animal Day, ,
International Sloth Day
National Reptile Day
National Bison Day
National Hiking Day,
National Take a Hike Day,
National Camp Day, , ,
World Lewis Day,
National Llama Day
Monkey Day,
National Bird Feeding Month, , ,
Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Month, ,
Clean Beaches Week, , , , , , ,