National Bird Feeding Month – February 2020


Returning from a relaxing few months of Florida in their bird condos to mate, lay their eggs, and prepare to fly south once again, birds can mistime their migration as they struggle to keep up with the changing climate. National Bird Feeding Month was founded by John Porter, an Illinois congressman particularly sensitive to the thousands of miles birds must commute. The intent for the month of February is to spread goodwill and a few seeds, ensuring that these harbingers of spring get enough to eat that they might chirp with delight.

National Bird Feeding Month timeline


Bird Feeding Month begins

John Porter, a congressman from Illinois, recognizes Bird Feeding Month.

The 1920's

Bird feeders become popular

They become a mainstay at the end of WWI.


Bird Feeders Take Flight

Table feeders are redesigned to hang from branches.


Bird conservation starts

Florence Bailey begins teaching the value of bird conservation in Washington, D.C.


Thoreau commemorates birds

He writes of the joy neighborhood birds derive from corn kernels.

How to Observe National Bird Feeding Month

  1. Whip up something special in the kitchen

    Mix your birdseed with peanut butter and watch as the potent combination attracts Sparrows, Finches, Robins, Blue Jays, and more.

  2. Go bird watching at the nearest Audubon Society

    Enrich yourself and visit your nearest National Audubon Society chapter. Founded in 1905, Audubon uses science, education, and grassroots advocacy to advance its mission of conservation.

  3. Buy a birdbath for your yard

    Nothing invites birds to your yard like posh, luxurious treatment. Couple your bird feeder, stocked with the highest quality of seeds, with a freshly poured birdbath to show you’re the most hospitable host on the block. The birds will enjoy their visit so much that they may even take to social media and tweet about it.

Why National Bird Feeding Month is Important

  1. We know spring is coming

    The first Robin of spring signifies that nature is shedding its winter coat, shaking off the cold, and warming itself for spring. As Robins flock to backyards, so, too, do bulbs begin to peak out from the formerly barren trees and the tips of grass bravely venture from their subterranean refuge into the sun.

  2. Helping those in need is human nature

    Even though February borders springtime, it’s still cold. Seeds, leaves, and blossoming plants can be few and far between. For the early arriving birds, placing bird feeders filled with seed can mean the difference between life and death.

  3. Birds are important (and we know it)

    Birds are crucial for a properly functioning ecosystem and healthy garden. They pollinate plants, disperse seeds, scavenge, and recycle nutrients back into the earth. That’s worth a nibble on the flowers.

National Bird Feeding Month dates
2020February 1Saturday
2021February 1Monday
2022February 1Tuesday
2023February 1Wednesday
2024February 1Thursday