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Love the Bus Month – February 2025

Love The Bus Month is celebrated every February and is dedicated to the influence of the school bus in American school culture. The holiday appreciates the individuals and organizations involved in the operation of school buses including the drivers. This is usually a time for creative ways to show gratitude for the existence and influence of the American school bus. Love The Bus Month, just as the name implies, is about showing love for the American school bus and everything that it represents in American society.

History of Love the Bus Month

The history of the school bus dates back centuries. However, significant developments have occurred as recently as the 1980s. As the decade began, there was a decrease in student population growth, putting a hold on school bus manufacturing.

In 1986, the Commercial Motor Vehicle Safety Act was signed and this meant that school bus drivers across the United States needed to get a commercial driver’s license (C.D.L.) The federal C.D.L. requirement ensured that drivers of all large vehicles (such as school buses) had a reasonable level of consistency in training.

The 1990s bore better tidings for school bus manufacturers and in 1995, Navistar acquired AmTran and in 1996, it produced its first rear-engine bus chassis since 1973.

Extensive changes were introduced in school bus production at the start of the 21st century. At the beginning of the 2000s, manufacturers introduced a new generation of conventional-style school buses, which coincided with the redesign of several medium-duty truck lines. In 2004, manufacturers Thomas introduced a new bus design that allowed the use of the production Freightliner dashboard.

From 2004 to 2008, a North Carolina-based non-profit establishment, Advanced Energy, commenced an effort to advance to plug-in hybrid school buses. In 2011, the Canadian company Lion Electric Company, formerly Lion Bus, was founded, with its establishment symbolizing the first entry into the business in more than two decades by a full-size bus manufacturer. The company produces conventional-style school buses, with design features including several innovations for school buses. The first mass-produced school bus with a fully electric powertrain was introduced by Lion in 2015.

In 2015, American automobile company Ford introduced the Ford Transit cutaway chassis. The first bus made from the Ram ProMaster cutaway chassis took place in 2018 and Collins Bus introduced the first low-floor school bus of its kind.

Love the Bus Month timeline

A Contract for 200 School Buses

The state of North Carolina contracts a man named Perley Thomas for the manufacture of 100 school buses.

The First National School Transportation Conference

The first national school transportation conference in the U.S. is held with representatives from 48 states in attendance.

The First Diesel School Bus is Made

The first-ever diesel-fueled school bus is built.

California Recognizes the Need for Safety Belts

California makes it a legal requirement for school buses to have lap/shoulder restraint systems in school buses.

Love the Bus Month FAQs

Do school buses have seatbelts?

Most school buses have no seatbelts but fret not, they are still a very safe means of transportation for our children

Are school buses safer than other vehicles?

According to available data, school buses are up to 70% safer than other vehicles.

Are there traffic laws for school buses?

There are laws throughout the U.S. specific to school buses that further enhance their safety.

Love the Bus Month Activities

  1. Use the #LoveTheBus hashtag

    One way to participate in Love The Bus Month is to post related activities on your social media using the #LoveTheBus Hashtag. This way, you can share information and interact with everyone else participating.

  2. Appreciate a special bus driver

    The essence of Love The Bus Month is to show appreciation for the individuals who make the running of the school bus business successful. This includes drivers, so if you know one, you can do something special for them.

  3. Read about the history

    Make the holiday more meaningful by understanding why you should appreciate it. The best way to find out why Love The Bus Month is so important is to do a little research and read up on its history.

5 Interesting Facts About The School Bus

  1. School buses are relatively safer

    According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, school buses are up to 70% safer than other vehicles.

  2. There are special school bus traffic laws

    There are school bus-specific traffic laws in all 50 states in the U.S. and each state has a way of ensuring adherence.

  3. School buses aren’t all yellow

    School buses are not strictly painted in yellow and most school buses mix bright orange with yellow.

  4. Most school buses have no seatbelts

    Not all school buses have seatbelts due to their unique design, however, they remain one of the safest means of road transportation in the U.S.

  5. School buses come in three sizes

    School buses come in three different sizes; mini-, mid-, and full-sized.

Why We Love Love the Bus Month

  1. School buses are safe

    School buses are the safest form of transportation in the U.S. due to factors such as a high level of driver training. So, our kids are always in safe hands.

  2. School buses are a way to socialize

    Kids spend a reasonable amount of time on school buses. This creates an environment for interacting with each other.

  3. School buses create job opportunities

    The U.S. school bus industry provides jobs for many people and this, in turn, reduces the unemployment rate by a fair percentage.

Love the Bus Month dates

2025February 1Saturday
2026February 1Sunday
2027February 1Monday
2028February 1Tuesday
2029February 1Thursday
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