Great American Pie Month – February 2020


If you thought you’d escaped the holidays without adding another notch to your belt buckle, settle in and grab a pair of sweatpants because February is also the Great American Pie Month. The first pies were baked thousands of years ago in Sumer, and since then, the taste and purpose of pie in society has evolved dramatically. Only within the past several hundred years has the crust become consumable—did you know medieval crusts were referred to as “coffins?” In the modern day, the circular treat has taken on a bevy of identities that, together, beg the question, what’s the best thing to put into a pie? Your teeth, of course.

Great American Pie Month timeline


First pie eating champion named

It was six-year-old boy, who ate a 10-inch pie in 15 seconds.


Pumpkins start to be featured in pies

Pumpkins make their way from the fields and into the kitchen, but feature squash prominently.


First Thanksgiving dinner recorded

It featured meat, not pumpkin or pecan pie.


Robert Greene makes pie famous

The poet writes of his love for apple pie in “Arcadia,” begetting a cultural revolution.

2000 BC

First pie recipe found

Dated from thousands of years ago, archaeologists discovered a tablet with a chicken pie recipe.

Great American Pie Month Activities

  1. Eat pie for breakfast

    A quiche is a savory pie whose filling is based on an egg-based custard and is rife for experimentation. Popular ingredients to include in breakfast quiches include bacon, sausage, mushrooms, kale, goat cheese, and even garlic.

  2. Go the nontraditional route

    There are so many variations of pies to cook! If the idea of another apple pie is unappealing, try meat, key lime, lemon meringue, or even buttermilk pie.

  3. Experiment with pie crust

    Pies aren't singular in their format. A pie with no bottom pie is a cobbler. A pie baked without the use of a baking pan is a galette. A two-crust pie uses the dough to completely encase the filling, ensuring a colorful, bountiful finished product.

Why We Love Great American Pie Month

  1. Pies are delicious and funny

    Often forgotten in the luster of the Great American Pie Month are the comedic elements of pies. Owing to the earliest days of prank humor, pies have always been a troublemaker’s favorite to aim at a pompous, well-deserving face. Make sure to use a cool creampie for this joke to avoid injury.

  2. It’s self-contained

    Pie crusts were created to replace such appetizing things as wet mud or leaves. Dough not only allows ingredients to remain fresh, but also retains the juices created in the baking process.

  3. Baked pies are as American as sitcoms

    From Carol Brady of the Brady Bunch to Marge Simpson, characters are always baking pies on TV. Just like eggs and bacon are for breakfast, pie is always for dessert in a sitcom!

Great American Pie Month dates
2020February 1Saturday
2021February 1Monday
2022February 1Tuesday
2023February 1Wednesday
2024February 1Thursday