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Feline Fix by Five Month – February 2025

Feline Fix by Five Month is observed during February every year. The month-long awareness event was established by Feline Fix by Five Months, a program run by Marian’s Dream. The objective of Feline Fix by Five Month is to raise awareness about the benefits of spaying/neutering cats early. As per the recommendation of the assembled task force, “Given the known benefits of sterilization and the lack of evidence for harm related to age at which the procedure is performed, the Veterinary Task Force on Feline Sterilization calls for veterinary practitioners and professional associations to recommend sterilization of cats by five months of age.”

History of Feline Fix by Five Month

Cats have been companions to humans for several millennia. It is believed that they might have been domesticated over 10,000 years ago in the Fertile Crescent in Mesopotamia. Cats became useful when humans settled down — they could hunt mice that threatened the storage of grains. This arrangement benefitted both humans and cats — the humans got pest control, and the cats got access to abundant prey.

Cats have been a significant part of many cultures throughout history. The Ancient Egyptians, for example, revered cats. Bastet, an Egyptian deity, was depicted with the head of a cat. The Ancient Romans shared this reverence to a certain degree, cats were seen to be symbolic of liberty. On the other hand, cats were vilified in many parts of Europe during the Medieval Era. They were believed to be companions of witches and, thus, the devil. Cats were often killed to ward off evil. It was only in the 17th century that cats began being viewed favorably in Europe.

Today, cats are well-loved across the world — they are inseparable from the current cultural zeitgeist. Cats are the protagonists of cartoon shows, comic strips, movies, books, and the like. Several cats have even obtained celebritydom through social media platforms like Instagram. Unfortunately, certain superstitions about cats prevail — black cats, as an example, are still linked with bad luck and are often abandoned or killed because of this belief.

Feline Fix by Five Month timeline

10,000 Years ago
The Oldest Record of Domestic Cats

The bones of a cat are found next to the bones of a human, suggesting the two were buried together.

3100 B.C.
Cats in Ancient Egypt

In Ancient Egypt, cats represent justice, fertility, and power.

31 B.C.
Cats Spread to Europe

Cats become associated with divinity and liberty in Ancient Rome after their introduction through the annexation of Egypt.

First Cat Show

A brown tabby Maine named Cosey wins the first-ever cat show in Madison Square Park.

Feline Fix by Five Month FAQs

Do male cats change after being neutered?

Yes, neutering changes the level of testosterone in male cats, thus changing their behavior.

Should I get my kitten spayed?

Yes, and it should be done early.

Do indoor cats need to be spayed?

Yes, spaying offers many health benefits for the cat.

How to Observe Feline Fix by Five Month

  1. Learn about spaying and neutering

    The point of Feline Fix by Five Month is to raise awareness about spaying and neutering. Use the month to educate yourself.

  2. Talk about it on social media

    Help spread awareness by talking about spaying and neutering cats on social media. Feline Fix by Five has several articles and other material you can share.

  3. Donate

    If it’s within your means, donate to organizations that work to spay and neuter stray cats. Many cats are homeless due to overpopulation caused by stray cats not being spayed or neutered.

5 Interesting Facts About Cats

  1. Tastebuds

    Cats don’t taste sweetness.

  2. Eyesight

    Cats are nearsighted.

  3. Toes

    Cats normally have 18 toes.

  4. Bones

    Cats have 245 bones.

  5. Feline collarbones

    Cats’ collar bones don’t connect to their other bones.

Why Feline Fix by Five Month is Important

  1. It’s an opportunity to learn more about cats

    Feline Fix by Five Month aims to spread awareness about cats. The month is an opportunity to learn more about cats.

  2. It helps pet parents learn how to take better care of their cats

    Feline Fix by Five Month helps pet parents take better care of their cats. By making knowledge more accessible, pets around the world will be able to lead better lives.

  3. It helps raise funds for good causes

    The awareness raised through Feline Fix by Five Month may help people raise funds for charitable organizations who spay and neuter stray cats. This means more cats with healthier and happier lives.

Feline Fix by Five Month dates

2025February 1Saturday
2026February 1Sunday
2027February 1Monday
2028February 1Tuesday
2029February 1Thursday
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