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Shape Up With Pickles Time – February 2-8, 2025

Shape Up With Pickles Time takes place in the first week of February. It takes place from February 2 to 8 this year. This holiday encourages pickle lovers — and haters — to stock up on jars of this tasty treat. Put down your bags of chips or chocolate bars and snack on a pickle instead! They’re jam-packed with probiotics, vitamins, and minerals and have almost no fat. But Shape Up With Pickles Time isn’t just about gorging ourselves on pickled vegetables. The week is also about finding time to head to the gym or squeeze in a home workout. Combining exercise with a nutritious treat can help us lose some weight and reach our fitness goals.

History of Shape Up With Pickles Time

Pickles have been around since ancient times. Some studies claim that ancient Mesopotamians pickled vegetables, while others say that pickling dates back to the construction of the Great Wall of China when workers were expected to work for days on end. Pickles were well preserved, so they lasted throughout the long journeys to and from the Wall. Regardless of their origin, pickles have stayed staples in households worldwide because they’re easy to store and add tons of flavor to various dishes.

Pickled vegetables, preserved in salt and vinegar, are also a popular pick for army troops because they stay delicious for long periods. In more recent times, pickles have been used for different culinary purposes. They’re served as side dishes, entreés, toppings, and even desserts — making them a versatile ingredient. However, pickles aren’t considered healthy because of the high sodium levels from the salt, pepper, and vinegar used in their preservation. Despite this, it contains many nutrients and no fat.

For this reason, Shape Up With Pickles Time combines delicious pickles with staying healthy through exercise! By adding pickles to your diet, you’re adding a zero-fat element. Combined with plenty of exercise, it can help you lose weight. So, take this week to add as many pickles as possible to your diet and head to the gym every day to see great results!

Shape Up With Pickles Time timeline

2400 B.C.
The First Pickle

Mesopotamians pickle vegetables.

7th Century
The Great Wall

Pickles are made to feed workers during the Great Wall of China’s construction.

Victorian Era
A Luxury Item

Pickles are considered a luxury food.

Bread-and-Butter Pickles

Omar and Cora Fanning develop and sell sweet and sour pickles, known as ‘bread-and-butter pickles.’

Shape Up With Pickles Time FAQs

Are pickles cucumbers?

Pickles are cucumbers preserved in a solution of water, salt, various spices, and vinegar.

What are the three types of pickles?

There are three ways to make pickles — refrigeration, fresh packing, or processing.

Why should we not eat pickles?

Although pickles have plenty of vitamins, such as vitamins K, A, and C, they have a high sodium content, so they’re not considered healthy. Be sure to watch how many you eat.

Shape Up With Pickles Time Activities

  1. Eat some pickles

    During Shape Up With Pickles Time, grab the pickle jar from your fridge and munch on some pickles — for celebration purposes, of course! Pickles are an excellent snack because they have very little fat.

  2. Go for a run

    After eating all those pickles, go for a run around your neighborhood. After all, this week is also about getting in shape, not just eating!

  3. Try a new recipe

    How about slicing up some pickles and sprinkling them over a pizza? They are delicious toppings when paired with bell peppers and plenty of cheese!

5 Fun Facts About Pickles You’ll Love

  1. They’re the secret to beauty

    Cleopatra claimed that pickles were behind her infamous beauty!

  2. They helped discover America

    Historians believe that Christopher Columbus successfully reached America because he planted and rationed pickles to keep his sailors fed.

  3. They’re moneymakers

    Napoleon Bonaparte offered a $250,000 reward to anyone who could find the best way to pickle vegetables for his troops!

  4. It helps digestion

    You can pickle your vegetables to make them easier to digest!

  5. They’re popular

    The average American eats around nine pounds of pickles a year.

Why We Love Shape Up With Pickles Time

  1. It encourages exercise

    Moving and strengthening our bodies is crucial if we want to stay healthy as we age. Shape Up With Pickles Time encourages us to exercise and eat well.

  2. It’s all about food

    We absolutely love food! Holidays like this are the best excuse to eat some of our favorite treats!

  3. It’s about creativity

    The entire week is dedicated to pickles. We might as well get creative and find recipes that use them as the main ingredient!

Shape Up With Pickles Time dates

2022February 6Sunday
2023February 5Sunday
2024February 4Sunday
2025February 2Sunday
2026February 1Sunday

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