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SunFeb 2

Pork Rind Appreciation Day – February 2, 2025

National Pork Rind Appreciation Day is celebrated every year on the first Sunday in February, coinciding with Super Bowl Sunday. This year, it takes place on February 2. Did you know that there are over 300 food holidays to celebrate each year? National food holidays are special days of the year to celebrate the special delicious foods and maybe awkward and odd ones, too — every year. If you’re a big fan of pork rinds, you should never miss the ‘Big Game’ and of course, this nostalgic crunchy snack on this day!

History of Pork Rind Appreciation Day

Celebrated on the same day as the Big Game, the biggest football day of the year, National Pork Rind Appreciation Day has become an annual event to celebrate how sports and snacks go together. Rudolph Foods, the world’s largest manufacturer of pork rinds and one of the world’s largest manufacturers of private and branded label snack products, started National Pork Rind Appreciation Day in 2011 and declared the day a national day. The day is celebrated on Super Bowl Sunday each year, the first Sunday in February, which is just apt since pork rinds are known to be a quirky and nostalgic game-day snack.

The Lima, Ohio-based Rudolph Foods began the annual food holiday as a way to celebrate with pork rind fans to cherish their favorite snack and foster family togetherness, fun, and tradition. In addition to starting the national food day, the food production giant also proposed to donate to charity organizations in return for online support of the day by their fans. Since then, the food company has raised funds for the Gridiron Greats Assistance Fund, a nonprofit organization committed to providing medical and financial assistance to retired National Football League (N.F.L.) players and their families. Teeming pork rind fans and consumers across the U.S. also supported Rudolph Foods’ proposal, including Ohio Governor John Kasich, who also issued a letter of support for the day in 2012.

What are pork rinds? Pork rinds are crispy chips produced from deep-fried pieces of pigskin. Pork rinds have recently become more popular because they are useful in paleo and ketogenic diet plans and can be included in many other delicious recipes!

Pork Rind Appreciation Day timeline

John Rudolph Launches a Food Company

Ohio entrepreneur John Rudolph launches Rudolph Foods Company, producing pork rinds from smoking bacon rinds.

The Maiden Big Game

The first Super Bowl is played on January 15.

Support for the National Day

Rudolph Foods launches a campaign for National Pork Rind Appreciation Day and declares the day a national day.

The Ohio Governor Supports the National Day

Ohio Governor John Kasich issues a letter of support for National Pork Rind Appreciation Day on February 6.

Pork Rind Appreciation Day FAQs

Is it bad to eat pork rinds every day?

Pork rinds are high in sodium and saturated fat — this means frequent intake may make consumers prone to weight gain and high blood pressure, subsequently increasing the risk of diabetes and heart diseases.

What country eats the most pork rinds?

The world’s largest producers and consumers of a kind of pork rinds known as chicharrones are Mexicans. Somehow different from the popular U.S. variety, Mexican pork rinds may still have fat and meat attached and it is common in Mexican homes.

Are pork rinds a healthy snack?

While pork rinds contain high protein, moderate fat, and zero carbs — and are often considered an ideal ketogenic snack — they are not a great source of vitamins and minerals. Their high composition of fat and protein makes them popular with people who are on low-carbohydrate diets, such as the Atkins Diet or a keto or paleo diet plan.

Pork Rind Appreciation Day Activities

  1. Spread the word

    Back in 2011, Rudolph Foods, the initiator of this food day, canvassed for online support because the day was new; and it’s still relatively unknown until today. You could raise awareness for this day by sporting a pork rind T-shirt or apron, taking pictures, and sharing related content on social media with the hashtag #nationalporkrindappreciationday.

  2. Try new pork rind flavors

    Just like other snack chips, pork rinds come in myriads of flavors. If you’ve always been a fan of a particular pork rind flavor, it’s time to thrill your taste buds with the new flavors of your favorite crispy snack.

  3. Use pork rinds in recipes

    Including pork rind in low-carb meals is another way to celebrate National Pork Rind Appreciation Day. You could plan an exclusive Super Bowl party with your family and friends and include pork rinds in your menu for the hangout.

5 Fun Facts About Pork Rinds

  1. No carbohydrates

    In terms of nutritional composition, pork rinds contain 0.6 ounces of protein, 0.3 ounces of fat, and no carbohydrates.

  2. Same snack, different names

    Pork rinds are known in different countries by different names — in Brazil, pork rinds are called torresmo; khaep mu in Thailand; and chicharrones in Mexico.

  3. A president’s favorite snack

    President George Bush is said to be a huge fan of pork rinds.

  4. The Pork Rind Capital of the World

    Westminster, Ohio, with a population of 300, is popularly called the Pork Rind Capital of the World.

  5. Ideal keto snack

    Since pork rinds contain high protein, moderate fat, and no carbs, they are considered an ideal keto diet snack.

Why We Love Pork Rind Appreciation Day

  1. It’s a day for a crispy snack

    Pork rinds are eaten all around the world and are known by different names across different cultures. They are crispy snacks containing low carbs and healthy protein. National Pork Rind Appreciation Day is an amazing opportunity to celebrate this super snack in all its glory.

  2. Supporting the Big Game

    As we enjoy the Super Bowl, we can also munch our pork rinds and soak in the excitement of the Big Game. There’s nothing like enjoying the beautiful game with crispy pig skins.

  3. Supporting retired footballers

    National Pork Rind Appreciation Day also began as a platform to support retired NFL players who need medical attention and financial support. This day is a great opportunity to remember and donate to charities catering to the needs of our sports heroes and their families.

Pork Rind Appreciation Day dates

2022February 6Sunday
2023February 5Sunday
2024February 4Sunday
2025February 2Sunday
2026February 1Sunday

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