Decorating With Candy Day – February 1, 2022

Decorating With Candy Day is celebrated on February 1 by decorating our homes with candies and sweets. It’s celebrated a little after Christmas and before Valentine’s Day — two holidays that are marked by eating and gifting candies. So in a way, Decorating With Candy Day keeps the festive cheer alive and anticipates the warm and mushy feelings of Valentine’s Day. You can celebrate the day even if you don’t really like candies — because after all, you only need candies to decorate your home. This is especially a great holiday to celebrate with kids since it encourages creativity and there’s hardly a child who doesn’t love a candy treat!

History of Decorating With Candy Day

Imagine lining the plates at the table with mints, and having the T.V. room adorned with chocolates and hard candies in advance of Valentine’s Day. Each bedroom could be covered in candies of the occupant’s favorite colors. The stuff that dreams are made of, is now a day — for real!

Humans have loved candies for a long time now. But before coming up with recipes for candies, people came up with the idea of candy by consuming honeycombs and honey. It is believed that the first candy was made by the ancient Egyptians as early as 2000 B.C. These were made from honey and mixed with fruit or nuts. Dates, figs, and spices were common additions to these candies. However, it was the Indians who invented the sugar candy in 250 A.D. Greeks started using honey to make candied fruits and flowers. It wouldn’t be until the 16th century that the first modern candies were made. During this period, sweet manufacturing developed rapidly into an industry and continued to see growth until the early 19th century. The first chocolate bar was made in 1847 by Englishman Joseph Fry. He realized that delicious sweet treats can be made by mixing melted cacao butter, cocoa powder, and sugar to create a paste that could be shaped any way one wanted. The recipe leads to the creation of Fry’s Chocolate Cream Bar.

And what about candy canes? Candy canes may have been made for the first time in Cologne, Germany in 1670. And it was in the 1920s that candy canes were seen as Christmas treats when Bob McCormack started marketing them for the holiday season. Another form of consuming candy is cotton candy. John C Wharton and William Morris patented the first modern cotton candy machine in 1897 and since that it has become a popular treat for fairgoers. Hard candies are historically associated with cough drops but are now highly decorative, often hand-crafted. These would be great for some decorating!

Decorating With Candy Day timeline


Cacao is rediscovered for mass consumption by Spanish explorers in Mexico.

17th Century
Hard Candy

Hard candy becomes popular, especially among adults

18th Century
Candy Comes to America

Candies come to America all the way from Britain and France.

The Milky Way Bar

It was invented by Frank C Mars.

The 2000s
Infused candies

Recipes start appearing for cannabis-infused candies.

Decorating With Candy Day FAQs

What's the difference between candy and sweets?

In British English, small, sweet things that you eat, such as toffees and chocolates, are called sweets. In American English, sweet things like these are called candy.

What is the largest candy?

The largest butterscotch candy was made by Nidar in Norway and weighed 1.6 tonnes (3,527 lb). The candy was displayed at the Nidar factory on 12 August 1997.

What is the most expensive candy in the world?

A 1.5-ounce bar of To’ak is the most expensive sweet bite you will ever take. And it contains only two ingredients: cacao and cane sugar.

Decorating With Candy Day Activities

  1. Decorate your home with candies

    The obvious way to celebrate Decorating With Candy Day is by decorating your home and other personal spaces with your favorite candies and sweets. Go nuts and get creative!

  2. Eat candies

    Indulge your sweet cravings by treating yourself to your favorite candies if decorating with candies isn’t really your thing. Spoil your siblings or your mother with their favorites.

  3. Make your own candies

    Try making your own candies with honey, sugar, nuts, spices, and fruits. They are rather easy to make and online recipes will help you in your quest.

5 Facts About Candy That Will Blow Your Mind

  1. Halloween is a good time to buy candies

    Americans buy up to 600 million pounds of candies during Halloween.

  2. M&Ms are popular

    More than 400 million M&Ms are produced every day.

  3. Massive peanut butter cups

    The largest peanut butter cup ever made weighs 440 pounds.

  4. Jelly beans take long to make

    It can take up to 21 days to make a jelly bean.

  5. Candy corn had an unappetizing name

    Candy corn was originally called chicken feed.

Why We Love Decorating With Candy Day

  1. It’s a fun holiday

    Decorating With Candy Day is an especially fun holiday for children. It makes them creative, lets them experiment, and encourages them to spend time with their families.

  2. It keeps the festive cheer alive

    Since the day occurs a few weeks after Christmas, the merriment of the festive season is kept alive during Decorating With Candy Day celebrations.

  3. It reminds us of simple joys

    Decorating With Candy Day reminds us of the simple joys of life, such as spending time doing something that we genuinely enjoy.

Decorating With Candy Day dates

2022February 1Tuesday
2023February 1Wednesday
2024February 1Thursday
2025February 1Saturday
2026February 1Sunday

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