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Boy Scout Anniversary Week – February 2-8, 2025

Boy Scout Anniversary Week takes place in the first week of February every year and this year will be held on February 2 to 8. The Boy Scouts of America (B.S.A.) is considered to be one of the biggest scouting organizations in the country, besides being one of the biggest youth organizations. There are more than two million youth who participate in Boy Scouts. There are also more than a million adults who volunteer at the organization. Boy Scouts has helped to shape youth for over 100 years. They have created a lot of memorable experiences and developed future leaders.

History of Boy Scout Anniversary Week

Boy Scout Anniversary Week is celebrated in February every year in the U.S. The holiday helps to raise awareness for the B.S.A. organization and to also show appreciation for all their efforts. The organization has been a great source of education for the younger generation. They can learn useful skills that help them in life. The B.S.A. was established on February 8 in 1910. That is why Boy Scout Anniversary Week is celebrated in the first week of February.

The B.S.A. could trace its origins to Great Britain. In 1908, the B.S.A. was founded by a British Army officer named Lieutenant-General Robert Stephenson Smyth Badin-Powell. A newspaperman and entrepreneur named W.D. Boyce is credited for bringing the scouting organization to the U.S. The Boy Scouts have experienced many changes through the years. The original purpose, however, has remained the same. It aims to train youth in responsible citizenship, character development, and self-reliance. It hopes to instill individualism and patriotism in the younger generation. It teaches ethical life choices, survival skills, and how to be responsible citizens throughout life.

Boy Scout Anniversary Week is observed by creating awareness of the importance of Boy Scouts. It launches financial campaigns for growth and provides support for B.S.A. members. Fundraising events help continue the long-lasting tradition of Boy Scouts in America. The holiday usually starts with Scout Sunday and ends with Scout Sabbath.

Boy Scout Anniversary Week timeline

1600 AD
Baden-Powell is the first scout

The first scout is a British Baron.

Baden-Powell enlists a local cadet corps

During the Second Boer War, Baden-Powell enlists a local cadet corps to relay messages and act as guards and literal scouts.

Scouting for Boys is published

Baden-Powell publishes “Scouting for Boys”, a handbook focusing on outdoor skills.

Boy Scouts of America is founded

The U.S. version of scouts, the Boy Scouts of America, is established.

Junior scouts is founded

Baden-Powell announces a junior section of the Boy Scouts for kids between ages 8 and 10.

Boy Scout Anniversary Week FAQs

Where is the Boy Scout Memorial?

The Boy Scout Memorial is located in Washington, D.C. It marks the site of the National Scout Jamboree that took place in 1937.

Do people read the boy’s scout magazine?

It is estimated that over eight million people read Boys’ Life magazine every month.

Have scouts walked on the moon?

About 11 of the men who have walked on the moon were former scouts.

Boy Scout Anniversary Week Activities

  1. Learn about the Boys Scouts

    You can learn more about the organization and its various programs. They have some interesting activities.

  2. Make a donation

    You can donate to the organization. This helps them train the next generation.

  3. Be prepared

    Part of being a boy scout is being prepared for any situation. This helps with managing life’s challenges.

5 Facts About The Scouts

  1. Neil Armstrong was a scout

    Neil Armstrong who was the first man to walk on the moon was an Eagle Scout.

  2. The BSA is large

    The BSA is considered to be the second-largest Scouting organization in the world.

  3. The scouts are big in Asia

    The Scouting organization in Indonesia is the largest in the world.

  4. Patch trading is a hobby

    Patch trading is one of Scouting’s most popular traditions and is a fun hobby for many people.

  5. Some patches are valuable

    Some rare sour patches can be worth thousands of dollars.

Why We Love Boy Scout Anniversary Week

  1. It supports the Boy Scouts

    The holiday helps to raise support for the BSA. This allows them to keep doing their job.

  2. It raises awareness

    More people can learn about the scouts and what they have to offer. They can participate and benefit from the activities.

  3. It educates people

    People can learn basic life skills from scouting organizations. These practical skills can be instrumental in life.

Boy Scout Anniversary Week dates

2022February 6Sunday
2023February 5Sunday
2024February 4Sunday
2025February 2Sunday
2026February 1Sunday

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