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Worldwide Renaissance of the Heart Month – February 2025

Worldwide Renaissance of the Heart Month is observed every leap year in February — which makes sense given that February is the month dedicated to all things heart-related. This celebration, on the other hand, is a bit unusual in that little is known about it. Perhaps the allure is due to the aura of mystery that surrounds it. According to founder Deborah LeBoeuf Kulkkula, Worldwide Renaissance of the Heart Month is all about thinking compassionately, not just with your brain, but with your heart as well. Throughout the month, Kulkkula encourages individuals to take a “heartfelt look at the way you think” — implying a higher level of mindfulness.

History of Worldwide Renaissance of the Heart Month

In 2009, the Kulkkula family’s official website issued the inaugural announcement of Worldwide Renaissance of the Heart Month. We can only presume that this was also its beginning. Perhaps the shroud of ambiguity should remain, in keeping with the holiday’s mysterious essence. ‘Remember to give your heart a renaissance,’ is the holiday’s slogan, and our guess is as good as yours as to the levels of significance contained inside this mantra. Regardless of the hidden meanings, there are numerous ways to get engaged with or participate in Worldwide Renaissance of the Heart Day.

Deborah LaBeouf Kulkkula is described as an ‘inspirational speaker and international author.’ In 2006, she co-authored a book with Yvonne Lancaster and Jane Maki called “Every Step of the Way: How Four Mothers Coped with Child Loss.” The book is described as a collection of four strangers’ stories connected by a similar thread — ‘the death of a child.’ Their compassion and care for one another allowed them to bond and share their collective pain, experiences, and lessons.

This clarifies Deborah Kulkkula’s motivation for sharing personal experiences with her audience. She encourages others to join in by entering a short composition writing contest for adults during Worldwide Renaissance of the Heart Month. Every first Saturday in February, friends, and family can gather for a ‘Heartfelt Thinking Tea,’ where they can share their thoughts and desires over tea.

Worldwide Renaissance of the Heart Month timeline

“The Renaissance Period” Begins

“The Renaissance” is a time in Europe when art and humanism flourish from the 1400s to the 1500s.

Deborah Kulkkula Publishes Her Book

Kulkkula co-writes "Every Step of the Way: How Four Mothers Coped with Child Loss" with Yvonne Lancaster and Jane Maki.

Worldwide Renaissance of the Heart Month Announced

The annual celebration for Worldwide Renaissance of the Heart is publicized on the Kulkkula family website.

“The Renaissance of the Heart” is Published

Lori Morkunas Jones, oddly enough, publishes a novel with the same title.

Worldwide Renaissance of the Heart Month FAQs

Are the heart and mind connected?

“A person’s mind, heart, and body are all interconnected and interdependent in what can be termed ‘the mind-heart-body-connection. ‘ Research has demonstrated that negative psychological factors, personality traits, and mental health disorders can negatively impact cardiovascular health.

What does feeling heartfelt mean?

The general meaning of the term ‘heartfelt’ conveys a sense of genuineness and authenticity of feeling which is not forced or feigned in any way. It has a suggestion of sincerity and intentionality, which is free of suspicion or misgivings.

Can you think with your heart?

The heart does not have its own mind, both literally and physiologically. This has a more figurative, and occasionally spiritual, meaning. The brain can think because of a ‘specialized organization of neurons’ that allows cognitive operations to take place, whereas the heart lacks such a configuration. While there may be no concrete science behind this concept, it is nonetheless worth investigating as a more metaphysical and meditative exercise.

Worldwide Renaissance of the Heart Month Activities

  1. Hold a family tea

    Starting with a high tea, celebrate in a very meaningful manner. This tea is also known as a ‘Worldwide Renaissance of the Heart Tea’ or ‘Heartfelt Thinking Tea.’ It takes place at noon on the first Saturday of February all around the world. This could be the ideal time to reconnect with your loved ones on a more personal basis.

  2. Participate in writing contests

    The Kulkkula family website contains a wealth of information about the many writing competitions held for different age groups. Everyone is urged to write about their own 'heartfelt' experiences and submit them.

  3. Look for opportunities to volunteer

    Volunteering for a good cause is also urged on the main page for Worldwide Renaissance of the Heart Month. Any cause will suffice as long as it makes a significant contribution. This is a great technique to strengthen one's compassion muscles while also being more aware of others' needs.

5 Facts About The Heart Which May Surprise You

  1. Heartbeats are no joke

    The human heart beats more than 100,000 times in a day.

  2. Blood vessels all around the world

    If all of your blood vessels were laid out, they could cover the entire globe twice over.

  3. Women are faster

    When it comes to heartbeats, women’s hearts beat faster than men's, by around eight beats per minute.

  4. Monday blues

    In comparison to any other day of the week, Mondays appear to be the most common day for heart attacks.

  5. Pumping out gallons

    It’s amazing how capable the heart is, pumping out over 2,000 gallons of blood in a day.

Why We Love Worldwide Renaissance of the Heart Month

  1. It brings a new perspective

    While most of us are aware that Demi Lovato advocates for giving someone's heart a ‘break’ in her song ‘Give Your Heart a Break,’ giving your heart a renaissance is a completely new concept. The beauty of this concept is that it may be interpreted in a variety of ways. The idea is to think with your heart and figure out what it would take to follow it. At least, that appears to be what Kulkkula is claiming.

  2. Focusses on the heart

    Any month that encourages us to think about our hearts is good enough for us. The heart requires attention from a physical, mental health, or emotional well-being standpoint.

  3. It’s universally applicable

    The best aspect of World Renaissance of the Heart Month is that it applies to everybody who has a heart — which includes everyone! We're confident that if you take the time to contemplate and think from your heart, you'll find some fresh insights. We only hope it will reveal something new, much like the word ‘renaissance’ means ‘renewal and rebirth,’ whether through guided meditation, inspirational presentations, or finding your way.

Worldwide Renaissance of the Heart Month dates

2025February 1Saturday
2026February 1Sunday
2027February 1Monday
2028February 1Tuesday
2029February 1Thursday
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