National Cat Health Month – February 2020


Cat-themed anything makes us laugh – especially when there is a meme involved. Cats are making quite a name for themselves as clothing prints, memes, music video characters and several other appearances none of us expected to see in the media. Just like the rest of our pets and their nationally recognized days this month, we’re giving cats a full thirty days of glory to get their health checked up during February — Cat Health Month! Let’s make sure your feline friend has all that it needs to keep living its best life. 

National Cat Health Month timeline

Mid 90's

Cat services and products bring in millions

As cats became popular figures in tv and comic strips as well as a common housepet, the industry grew to make millions.

18th Century

Cats become domestic pets

By the eighteenth century, cats had become popular household pets world wide.

7500 BC

First evidence of cat discovered

In 7500 BC, a human was buried on the island of Cypress with a cat that is said to be 8,000 years old.

National Cat Health Month Activities

  1. Change the litter

    Imagine pooping in the toilet numerous times without flushing - that's what it's like for your cat. It's a great month to get in the habit of cleaning out the litter box regularly, or adjusting the litter and litter box situation as a whole to improve your cats bathroom behavior.

  2. Feed your cat a high-quality diet

    Think of it as the Whole30 for cats - you have a forever diet partner.

  3. Maintain a grooming schedule

    Claws and hair, and hair and claws- the two not so great things about cats. Take your cat for a nice grooming appointment, while you vacuum and sticky roll every piece of fabric in your house that looks like it was made out of cat hair to begin with.

Why We Love National Cat Health Month

  1. This self sufficient animal made its way indoors

    Cats don't need much from humans - yet we somehow adopted the tradition of having cats as pets.

  2. We're helping the general cat owner population avoid cat scratches

    Cats can be feisty little things - with claws and sharp, tiny teeth. You love your cat until your leather couch has a unique linear scratch pattern - or your arms.

  3. Cats are top five easiest pets

    Cats make cat owners look like the best potential parent out there with minimal attention and resources required. You're not fooling the actual potential parent club if you have a cat - we all know your secret is an extra large litter box.

National Cat Health Month dates
2020February 1Saturday
2021February 1Monday
2022February 1Tuesday
2023February 1Wednesday
2024February 1Thursday