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Youth Leadership Month – February 2025

Youth Leadership Month is observed each year during the month of February. The aim of the day is simple — to get young people to take up leadership roles and contribute to the community in their own ways. Non-profit organizations across the United States observe the month. They play their part in connecting, transforming, and inspiring high school students across the country to recognize their strengths, explore career opportunities, and become leaders. Students are taught to assume leadership roles in their schools, communities, and the workforce. This is a great way to build the next generation of citizens who are also committed to bringing the best to their communities. You can use the experience on college and scholarship applications too.

History of Youth Leadership Month

The journey of Youth Leadership Month started in 1989. A group of executives realized the need to train workers for leadership responsibility, and the need for employees to let go of their biases to function in harmony. This could be achieved by providing the next generation of leaders the training, guidance, and encouragement necessary for the workforce along with leadership skills. Robert Watson created 21st-century leaders and made the organization a business-education partnership where high school students would learn skills needed to be successful leaders.

The organization takes help from business leaders and professionals as volunteers who conduct leadership training programs for high school students. The goals are simple but need years of practice to reach perfection. The purpose of these leadership programs is to connect students with a diverse group of peers, professionals, and organizations, enhance students’ skill-sets and attitudes, and inspire students to demonstrate leadership skills. The students are also taught to plan for their future, take risks, seek new opportunities, and do good for their communities. Youth Leadership Month is committed to the goal of shaping a future where every high school student, no matter where they come from, is given the chance to attain great heights with training and guidance. The month-long celebration is a testament to equal opportunities leading to greatness — for the self, community, and, ultimately, the country.

Youth Leadership Month timeline

The First Summer Program

21st Century Leaders hosts its first summer program.

The First Awards

The 20 Under 20 awards launches.

The Celebrations Go Online

Leadership Connect is the online forum.

30 Years of Excellence

21st Century Leaders turns 30.

Youth Leadership Month FAQs

Why is youth leadership important in present times?

Youth leadership helps a young person to develop the ability to analyze their strengths and weaknesses, achieve their goals, and become confident.

What is the National Youth Leadership Forum?

The National Youth Leadership Forum is a group of summer programs for high school students, which help prepare them for college and future jobs.

How do you develop youth leadership?

Teach them confidence, be a great example, sign up for youth engagement programs, teach kids to be organized, and encourage them to be good people.

How to Observe Youth Leadership Month

  1. Sign someone up for the programs

    Sign up a high-school student for Youth Leadership Month programs. This will help them build confidence and hone their skills.

  2. Conduct your own workshop

    If you and your friends have skills that can help students become future leaders, consider conducting your own workshops. Share what you know.

  3. Encourage students

    You can also celebrate Youth Leadership Month by encouraging students to do their best in the areas they’re interested in and love. This will create a generation of leaders who are confident and self-assured.

5 Facts About American Schools That Will Blow Your Mind

  1. Teaching is a well-loved profession

    The United States has eight million teachers.

  2. That’s a lot of highschoolers

    The United States has 17 million students attending high school.

  3. A school phobia

    Didaskaleinophobia is the fear of going to school and it affects about 2.4% of all children.

  4. School backpacks are very heavy

    The average backpack weighs 20% of the student’s body weight.

  5. The internet is crucial to schools

    Every school in the United States has internet connectivity.

Why Youth Leadership Month is Important

  1. It helps students

    Celebrations such as Youth Leadership Month instill confidence in students. It makes them the best versions of themselves.

  2. It creates equal opportunities

    When we take responsibility to teach every student how to improve their skills and become confident adults, we create equal opportunities for everyone. This is especially true for those from marginalized backgrounds.

  3. We give back to the community

    Youth Leadership Month gives back to the communities by creating a generation of future leaders. They will take on roles to improve the society around them.

Youth Leadership Month dates

2025February 1Saturday
2026February 1Sunday
2027February 1Monday
2028February 1Tuesday
2029February 1Thursday
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Youth Leadership Month

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