Pet Dental Health Month – February 2020


Here’s how to claim the doctor title and not go through eight years of med school—become a pet dentist! We also realized how necessary pet dental health is after learning the hefty expense a pet root canal can be. Yes, we just said “pet root canal.” While it’s comical to think of our pets in place of ourselves at the dentist, their dental hygiene is just as crucial as our own. That’s why we spend some extra love on their teeth during February — Pet Dental Health Month!

Pet Dental Health Month timeline


Veterinary Oral Health Council Established

Veterinary Oral Health Council was started in Denver, Colorado, in 1997.

600 B.C.

Equine Dentistry Practiced by Chinese

The Chinese practiced dental maneuvers on horses as far back as 600 B.C.


American Veterinary Dental College Established

The American Veterinary Dental College, the first of its kind, was founded by eight veterinarians.

Pet Dental Health Month Activities

  1. Take your pet in for a visit

    Get your pet the care it needs from a Veterinary Dentist.

  2. Buy your pet a new toothbrush

    Pick up at home supplies to maintain your pets dental health all year round.

  3. Buy your pet a treat

    The dentist can be overwhelming — buy your pet a treat to say "good dog!"

Why We Love Pet Dental Health Month

  1. We love our pets

    Loving our pets means taking care of them and their health.

  2. Nobody likes bad breath

    Taking proper care of dental health means taking care of bad breath.

  3. Dogs need dentists, too

    Poor dental health can lead to larger scale health problems in animals.

Pet Dental Health Month dates
2020February 1Saturday
2021February 1Monday
2022February 1Tuesday
2023February 1Wednesday
2024February 1Thursday