National Pie Day – January 23, 2020

Thu Jan 23

Three weeks into January… need an excuse to indulge since you’ve been so good with your diet resolutions? Yeah, we thought so. You’re in luck! National Pie Day, brought to you by the American Pie Council, is on January 23 and a wonderful reminder of America’s pie heritage and expression of the country’s love affair with pies. (I can taste the chocolate cream already!)

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National Pie Day Activities

  1. It's 'pie'-ty time!

    Whether at the office or at home, host a pie party. Banana cream, key lime, chocolate, apple, mixed berries...the list can go on and on. And don't forget a fun toppings bar: whipped cream, ice cream, fruit compote... If you're really adventurous, go try a slice at The Humble Pie Restaurant in Santa Rosa, California where they host the annual Strange Pie Contest.

  2. Get social with #NationalPieDay

    You don't need to stuff your face (though who wouldn't). If you are really going to keep to your diet resolution, you can still enjoy everyone's pie creativity by following the hashtag #NationalPieDay. Or check out footage of the World Pie Eating Championship at Harry’s Bar in Wigan, U.K. Just make sure you’re not competing against Lard Ass.

  3. Watch "Cherry Pie" music video

    Check out Warrant’s incredible “Cherry Pie” music video. No, this band was not a parody, and yes, this song was really a Top 10 hit. Kids, your dad actually dressed like that in the 90s and still would if he still had hair. Interestingly, the model/actress in the video, Bobbie Brown, eventually married Warrant’s lead singer after breaking off her engagement with Motley Crue’s Tommy Lee…clearly she had a type. (Don’t feel bad for Tommy Lee, four days after Bobbie dumped him, he married Pamela Anderson, and we all know how that turned out.)

Why We Love National Pie Day

  1. Every culture has its own pie tradition

    Ancient Egyptians used to make pie. Romans had pie in their feasts. And even America's beloved apple pie came to us via the Dutch! Savory or sweet, there's something special about baking delicious goodness in a crust. According to the American Pie Council, the first pies were made by the ancient Romans, and the very first published recipe was for a rye-crusted goat cheese and honey pie (sounds just like something you’d find at a hipster pie shop in Brooklyn today). Since then pies have come a long way and have contained everything from Doritos to eels to well… you know.

  2. A 'pie' says love

    Cake is so every day. But pie, pie—there's the thought that goes into the crust, into the filling, and any toppings beyond that. Pies take dedication and patience. Legend has it that the “motherhood and apple pie” phrase originated in WWII when journalists asked American G.I.s what they were fighting for.

  3. Pies are a masterpiece of art and science

    Pie sounds simple enough to make. They are made of crust and filling. But do you know how difficult it is to create the *perfect* flaky crust? And which fat do you use—butter, lard or vegetable shortening? With the filling, do you go savory or sweet, and the endless variations from there?!

National Pie Day dates
2020January 23Thursday
2021January 23Saturday
2022January 23Sunday
2023January 23Monday
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