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National Geographic Day
MonJan 27

National Geographic Day – January 27, 2025

National Geographic Day is observed every year on January 27 all across the nation. It is a day to pay homage to the “National Geographic Magazine” that has been up and running for over 100 years. Covering a wide array of topics from science, geography, history, and world culture, National Geographic has endlessly catered to every audience member and deserves a day to be recognized for the massive role it plays in our society. We went back to it again and again to seek knowledge and in support of that many organizations around the world support students by providing scholarships to fund their education, if you are or someone you know is looking for scholarships find them on scholaroo.

History of National Geographic Day

The National Geographic Society, an organization for increasing and diffusing geographic knowledge, was founded in 1888. The society set up its official monthly magazine called the “National Geographic Magazine” (a.k.a. “Nat Geo”) in the same year. The magazine was intended to bring natural, historical, anthropological, and lots more other information to its U.S. audience. However, its popularity was such that it wasn’t long before it made its way across the globe. For over 100 years, the “National Geographic Magazine” has brought information to children, adults, educators, history buffs, geography geeks, armchair travelers, and basically anyone with any interest — “Nat Geo” has something for everyone.

Over the years, “National Geographic” has made a name for itself and established itself as a credible source of information. Funded by a non-profit organization with the sole purpose of educating, an incredible team backs “Nat Geo,” which has led to its long-running success. What started as a scholarly journal now has over 40 million current readers. Another thing that has kept “National Geographic” relevant is its effort to evolve with the times. While the objective and foundation of the publication have remained the same, “National Geographic” has evolved with the digital age and introduced various types of online sources as well. From a website and newsletters to captivating documentaries, “Nat Geo” reaches audience members and educates even those who may not be avid readers.

“National Geographic” is undeniably a one-of-a-kind educational source and deserves to be recognized for all it stands for. National Geographic Day is a chance for us to celebrate one of the most widely read magazines of all time.

National Geographic Day timeline

“National Geographic Magazine” Is Born

The first issue of “National Geographic” is published on September 22, 1888.

“National Geographic” Kids

The children’s version of the magazine launches under the name “National Geographic World.”

The Complete “National Geographic”

An electronic compilation of every past issue is published and meets some legal issues.

“Nat Geo” Goes To Disney

Disney acquires 21st Century Fox and its controlling interest in National Geographic Partners.

National Geographic Day FAQs

How can I read “National Geographic” for free?

“National Geographic” offers a free newsletter, a free app, or you can find it in certain libraries and coffee shops to read. 

Does Netflix have “National Geographic”?

Netflix carries over 30 “National Geographic” titles available to watch, such as different social, nature, and history documentaries. 

Who funds “National Geographic”?

“National Geographic” is funded mostly by National Geographic Partners L.L.C. and partly by its subscribers. 

How to Celebrate National Geographic Day

  1. Read “National Geographic”

    What better way to appreciate the day than by reading the publication? Try to get your hands on a physical copy of the magazine or browse through its online versions. There is even a National Geographic email newsletter you can sign up for to stay updated on the latest info!

  2. Admire their photos

    “National Geographic” is also famous for its extraordinary photographs, from the most beautiful deep-sea shots to incredible mountain views. You can find these photographs all over the internet and on social media.

  3. Channel your inner Nat Geo star

    Research a topic you could find in the magazine. It could be as simple as your favorite wild animal or a destination you find intriguing. You can even try to emulate a Nat Geo writer and create a write-up based on your research. Have fun with it!

5 Facts “National Geographic” Taught Us

  1. The bird chameleons

    Yellow canaries turn orange or red if you feed them red peppers.

  2. Beautiful seas can be dangerous

    A ‘cross sea’ phenomenon is beautiful when seen from above but is dangerous to be caught in.

  3. Orchids are the devil

    A certain type of orchid in Colombia resembles the devil’s face, complete with horns and red eyes.

  4. There is a colorless rainbow

    A rare white rainbow, called the ‘fogbow,’ appears when there is fog instead of rain in the atmosphere.

  5. Avocados are not for everyone

    While they are very popular among humans, avos can be toxic for cows, horses, cats, birds, e.t.c.

Why We Love National Geographic Day

  1. It recognizes years of effort

    Since its founding in 1888, “National Geographic” has consistently published every month. Each issue is well-researched and packed with information, requiring innumerable hours of work, and it deserves a day of celebration at the very least.

  2. It encourages education

    “National Geographic” covers a wide variety of informational topics. It makes information concise, easy to follow, and available at our fingertips, enabling us to educate ourselves amid the daily hustle and bustle.

  3. It encourages us to admire the world

    Through its coverage, “National Geographic” highlights and broadens our knowledge of all the incredible elements of the world that we may not know of otherwise.

National Geographic Day dates

2025January 27Monday
2026January 27Tuesday
2027January 27Wednesday
2028January 27Thursday
2029January 27Saturday

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