Earth Day – April 22, 2019

Mon Apr 22

The first Earth Day was a “teach-in” focused on engaging thousands of students on a sunny, spring day in 1970 to help address the environmental crises of the day. Today, International Earth Day is global day of action, celebrated in over 190 countries, raising awareness of ideas to support a happy and healthy planet.

Earth Day Featured Video

"Minor Bird" by Robert Frost (Earth Day)

Earth Day Activities

  1. Do Something Small

    Replace your light bulbs with more energy-efficient ones. Drop off clothes at the local recycling center. Learn how to compost. Every small action can have a ripple effect into something much larger.

  2. Get Smart About the Issues

    Do you care about your local park or supporting the bees in your home ecosystem? Today is a great day to read up on the environmental issues your city or town is grappling with—everything from clean water and air to biodiversity.

  3. Get Outside and Celebrate

    Enjoy what we do have right now—possibly at an outdoor concert? Don't forget to bring your own picnic with biodegradable plates and utensils!

9 Pieces Of "earth Porn"

Why We Love Earth Day

  1. We All Have Only One Earth

    Regardless of the science and policy debates, we all can agree that we do love this one Earth we get to share. So why not take some time to think about how you can make a difference. A lot of people doing small things will add up to big things.

  2. It's A Day to Appreciate What We Do Have

    The ever-changing nature of the earth, the bounty that comes from farmland and the oceans. Earth Day is a great time to think about what you love in the natural environment and how it makes your life fuller.

  3. Chances Are, Environmental Issues Touch Your Life Already

    Everyone is being impacted by changes in the environment and weather patterns. Whether it's drought in California or hurricanes on East Coast, natural disasters are making an impact on everyone's life—and awareness is an important first step to change.

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