July 1–7

July 1-7 is Clean Beaches Week, an entire week to celebrate our beautiful beaches and ensure they stay clean, safe, and lovely for generations to come. Clean Beaches Week combines the spirit of Earth Day with the fun of the Independence Day and pumps up the fun for an entire week. July 4 is the most popular beach day of the entire year, but it also results in the most litter on our shores! Clean Beaches Week is a way to educate beach-goers on proper beach behavior before the big day!

Clean Beaches Week Activities

  1. Go to the beach!

    Each year 180 million Americans make 2 billion trips to the beach! Celebrate Clean Beaches week by heading to a beach near you, and make your trip make an impact by reducing your carbon emissions to it by using public transport or carpooling!

  2. Clean-up a beach

    If you go to the beach for fun, always make sure you "leave no trace," taking everything you brought to the beach back with you. You can even go a step further by participating in a beach clean-up to collect trash that others have left behind.

  3. Watch and Learn

    The Earth has over 372,000 miles of coastline, and each mile is special in its own way. Learn more about the beaches of the world by watching a documentary like Mission Blue, The Blue Planet, or A Plastic Ocean.

Why We Love Clean Beaches Week

  1. Beaches are for everybody

    Beaches are a public space open to everyone, a place where all people can come together to enjoy the sane, the sun, and of course, the cool water!

  2. The original A/C

    Today if it's too hot out, many people can enjoy the luxury of staying indoors in the air conditioning. But for generations, and even now, for people without air conditioning, the beach, where the cool water and sea breezes keep the air a few degrees cooler than inland, is one of the only places to get relief from the heat!

  3. Gateways to the ocean

    8 million metric tons of plastic make their way into the world's oceans each year, and the beach is the ocean's front door! By caring for the beach and keeping it clean, we also care for our oceans, which make up 70% of the planet and are home to over 1 million known species (and maybe up to 9 million unknown ones).

Clean Beaches Week dates
2020July 1Wednesday
2021July 1Thursday
2022July 1Friday
2023July 1Saturday
2024July 1Monday